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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Intermittent lag

So been having problems with a game as of. Late.  War thunder to be exact.  Basically the game is always dropping to low frame rates which periodically freezes the game for a few seconds.  This happens non stop and sometimes the game will crash because of it.  Been in contact with Gajin support.  Tried many things.  They finally asked me to open a bug report on their forums and this is what the told me:


  There are currently some issues with AMD processors.  Some social media sites have discussions on this subject.

I would advise you to visit the AMD site and/or contact them and see if any of the issues affect your processor.

Some require a BIOS update to resolve.

You should discuss this with AMD first.  If you still have the issue after that please contact us again.


what types of issues are they refering too?  Any suggestions on what I can do would be great.

-Danny C

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