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Journeyman III

New Build AMD Ryzen 3950x intermittent severe lag w/ low CPU Usage

I recently put together a new build some old parts, but new motherboard, cpu, and NVME. 

Link to full build: 

Sometimes the issue presents itself and startup, other times it takes longer to appear. The entire system will get extremely slow like it would if you had 100% cpu usage, but usage is always very low 1-5%. I have done multiple re-installs of Windows 10, but issue persists. I have updated all drivers, and updated to the latest BIOS for my motherboard. I have eliminated RAM unless every stick is bad. I have had issue occur while running just 1 stick of my 4 sticks of RAM, and I did this for all 4 sticks issue occurred with all 4. I have eliminated hard drive because issue occurs on the NVME listed and on a 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO that I tested on as well. I am also fairly confident I have eliminated software. I used my pc in Safe mode networking for a whole day and the issue occurred there as well. I have also in my latest attempt to test not installed any programs other than Google chrome on this install of windows, and the issue still occurs. I ran OCCT monitoring software to see if there were voltage drops when the issue occurs, but the voltages are the same whether I am experiencing the lag or not. I have power settings set to AMD High performance, and fast startup turned off. I am at my whits end and do not know what else to try. It seems like my processor just intermittantly runs extremely slow. I was convinced this was a software issue, but after multiple re-installs and witnessing the issue in safe mode, I fear it is my cpu as the cpu and motherboard are the only new pieces to the equation that I can't eliminate because I don't have another motherboard cpu combo that is compatible with these two to switch out interchangeably. Please help if you have any suggestions.


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