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How screwed am I? -5900x arrived Damaged

So I ordered directly from AMD.  When I opened the package, I found that the CPU box was damaged exactly where the CPU was displayed.  I open the box to make sure I could use it and found that the plastic covering was damage and finally 1 pin is bent.  I heard pin damage are blamed on the buyer.  I haven't even done anything with it except look at it.  I sent in an RMA but what's everyone experience with something this similar.

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Re: How screwed am I? -5900x arrived Damaged

First AMD voids any Warranty concerning broken or bent pins since they believe it is Customer Error.

1- You should have refused to accept the damaged package from the delivery company and request another processor to be shipped or made a note on the delivery company noting the damaged package.

2- Take photos of the original damaged package outside and damaged Retail box and damaged plastic Clam shell with processor inside showing the bent or broken pin. This might convince AMD Warranty that the processor arrived damaged before your opened the package. Upload those photos to AMD Warranty when you RMA your processor and explained how you received the processor from the delivery company.

3- If you purchased the processor directly from AMD and AMD used their own delivery company than you might need to put in a claim with the delivery company if AMD voids your Warranty because you didn't prove your case that you got the processor damaged originally when delivered to your home.

4- If AMD accepts your evidence that you received the processor damaged then they will probably replace it and then put a claim with their delivery company afterwards.

5- You are the second User that has complained about purchasing a AMD Processor directly from AMD and the processor arriving damaged from the delivery company that AMD uses. The first User never opened the damaged plastic Clam shell in which the processor arrived and was able to determine that the processor has bent or broken pins so he has a solid case since the Plastic clam shell is still sealed and intact and never opened by the customer.

6- I would open an AMD Warranty Request and see if they will replace it after you show them your evidence that you received the processor damaged from the delivery company.

7-But if AMD Warranty, for some reason doesn't accept your evidence, then you will need to put in a claim with the delivery company to have them refund your money.


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