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Journeyman III

Boot Kit for 5800x?

Apparently my X570 board needs a bios update to support my 5800X, but I do not have an older gen cpu to use for said update. I looked over the boot kit request details and it mentions receiving a AMD Athlon 200GE Processor for use with X470/B450 boards. Am I SoL? I might consider ordering another board, but are there even any out with support that doesn't require a bios update?

Any help is appreciated - thank you.

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Re: Boot Kit for 5800x?

What make/model mobo ?

So no Q-Flash plus (or alternative to flash from USB) ?

Have you checked if you can flash with current cpu  ?

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Re: Boot Kit for 5800x?

Some of the more expensive X570 Motherboards, as mentioned by Goodplay, comes with a feature called BIOS FLASHBACK.

It is a button located at the rear of the motherboard where you plug in a USB Flash drive with the correct new BIOS Version and with just power on but the computer not starting, you press the BIOS FLASHBACK button and it will automatically update your BIOS on your motherboard. The USB Flash drive generally is installed in a specific USB Port in the rear of the Motherboard. Also the Flash drive needs to be formatted in the correct format.

IF it doesn't have that feature then you would need to find a Ryzen that is compatible with the BIOS Version your motherboard has to update the BIOS for the new processor. You can check online to see if the AMD BOOT Kit processor is supported by your motherboard or not by looking the motherboard's CPU SUPPORT LIST.

The motherboard's BIOS version is located on the motherboard. Generally next to the CPU socket there should be a white thin label with some numbers on it. IF the label has something like BOH xxxx that is the BIOS version installed on your motherboard. It might have a different name for your motherboard but on Asus motherboard the BIOS version is the BOH number on the white label.