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Journeyman III

Heating up the r7 3700x processor after reinstalling windows

image_2023-11-17_13-30-29.pngTwo days ago I decided to reinstall windows 10, after which problems with the processor began.
At first, the voltage jumped, but this problem was solved by updating the bios.Then the problem of heating the processor was revealed.
During a stress test under 100% load, the sensors show 80 degrees, and the temperature increase is very rapid, although when you touch the radiator with your hand, it is barely warm as always
I planned all the solutions to the problem, installed different versions of Windows, started from a live cd, checked the temperature with all possible programs, updated all possible drivers, discussed the problem with friends, tried to solve it with them.
I attach stress test graphs before the update and after

the processor was not overclocked

in the photo where the temperature is 55,the thermal paste was dried up and ineffective,now, with new tests,the thermal paste is new,tested for qualityphoto_2023-03-16_20-05-15.jpgimage_2023-11-17_12-39-39.png

ryzen 7 3700x

AsRock b550m pro4 

gigabite 2070s 8 bg


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Journeyman III

according to the temperature of the motherboard, it can be judged that the processor is not actually heated