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Journeyman III

GA-AX370 Gaming (rev 1.x) won't boot with Ryzen7 2700

I already own a Ryzen5 1600 with the board mentioned in the title which was/is working fine. That being said:

~Motherboard manufacturer says Ryzen7 2700 is a supported CPU with bios version f22 or later.

~I am using compatible RAM (and it's been working fine with it over 6 months)

~I updated my chipset drivers first as the motherboard manufacturer instructed me to before upgrading the bios.

~I flashed the bios which is currently version f25. The flash was successful (I rebooted my computer several times and checked the bios version while in bios environment. Also double checked in Windows with CPUZ).

~Switched out my old Ryzen5 1600 with Ryzen7 2700 and everything powers up but no boot and no beep.

~Switched back to my Ryzen5 1600 and everything booted fine. While I had the 2700 out I double checked for bent pins. None.

~Switched back to 2700, making sure it was seated correctly but sill won't boot

~Tried clearing the CMOS but not luck. Still won't boot.

~Made sure heatsink was plugged in correctly and fan was spinning.

~Wattage of both the 1600 and 2700 appear to be 65w so It shouldn't be a 600w PSU problem (corsair CX600).

~Using NVidia Geforce 970 for graphics.
~I even went as far as buying a new and better power strip for everything.

Sooo. Any suggestions?

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make sure you have the Motherboard's CPU Power connections connected.  They are usually either 8 pin and 4 pins connectors.

What error messages are you getting from the motherboard when you power up? (LEDs or Digital Characters)

Also check to see if the RAM you have is compatible for the Ryzen 2xxx series CPUs at the Motherboard's Support site QVL List.  The RAM you have may be compatible with Ryzen 1xxx but maybe not for the Ryzen 2xxx series CPUs.

Sounds like something is not compatible or mis-configured or you have a defective Ryzen 2xxx CPU. One way is by installing the Ryzen 2xxx in another computer and see if it boots up. If it does that indicates something is wrong with your computer setup.


elstaci‌ Thank you very much for the reply.

~CPU power (8 pin) is connected as the Ryzen5 1600 is working fine.

~Unfortunately my motherboard doesn't have LED or digital number error messages. Need to rely on beep codes and in this case it's not giving me anything.

~Motherboard manufacturer RAM support documentation doesn't differentiate between Ryzen series just that it is a Ryzen CPU. And based on their documentation I do have compatible RAM.

~Unfortunately I do not have another computer that I can use to test the new CPU.


Here is your motherboard's QVL list for Ryzen 2xxx (Pinnacle Ridge): GA-AX370-Gaming (rev. 1.x) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE U.S.A. 

I read your Manual and it doesn't have, like you mentioned, any Trouble LEDS or Digital Readout codes. With the previous Ryzen do you hear One Beep when it POSTs and goes into Windows? 

According to your Manual it mentions about setting the CPU HOST Frequency:

Here is the proper way to install your RAM Memory:

One good way to narrow down hardware issues is to install the minimal amount of hardware on the motherboard.

Remove or disconnect everything except your CPU, GPU, and One RAM MEMORY Module. See if it boots up but keep your keyboard and mouse connected.

If it doesn't, then it is either a defective CPU or possibly mis-configuration in BIOS.

I would open a AMD WARRANTY REQUEST and see what they suggest. They may give instructions on how to check to see if the Ryzen 2xxx is defective and needs to be RMA from here: AMD Warranty Request Form | AMD 

You might also open a Gigabyte Support ticket just in case it is your motherboard and see what they suggest.