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Adept I

General questions: 2600, ryzen master, video stuttering...

Hi there!

After a long time I retired the old 955 and got an ryzen 2600. Great experiences in these first weeks, but there are some point to clarify and understand better.

First, ryzen master doesn't show real core voltages... or does it? I runs at stock clocks, but undervolted with -0.125 mV in bios. HWinfo shows voltages condizent to the offset, but ryzen master doesn't. Since ryzen master is the "official" app, doubt arises. Which one is correct?

Ryzen master shows high EDC percentage too, I noticed ryzen balanced mode is set and minimum processor usage in that power plan is set too high to my tastes, 90%. I setted it to 5%, clocks goes low when idling and EDC goes down too, looks a lot better... but then I got stuttering when playing videos. (EDIT: playing local media files with mpc, vlc...)

Alas, I could somehow accept when my old deneb didn't had a polished cool'n'quiet feature, it was slow to react, and I only got a truly efficient and responsive clock modulation when paired it with k10stat. Zen is a totally revamped thing, and with all that PBO, XFR and AI, I thought it could react better, and manage to keep clocks paired nicely with demand.

Before someone says 5% is too low... 4k videos on yt seems ok, and my laptop with an 7700hq runs ok the same task in same conditions. In all other situations, obviously 2600 just stomps it. It should do it everytime. While even at maximum clocks Ryzen does not heats up and consumes lots of energy, just turning the dial to the max isn't the kind of solution I was expecting at state-of-the-art processors.

Last one, again at ryzen master... it likes to say PBO is a "future feature in development". I also read everywhere it is a exclusive feature of "x" processors. Or AMD plans to extend it to all ryzen family, or not. Which one is the case? If it is the negative one, why not just say it?

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