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Journeyman III

fan/heat sink for ryzen 7 5800x

I'm considering upgrading from my Ryzen 5-3600 to Ryzen 7 5800x.  Will the Wraith Prism cooling fan be enough? i've seen yes and no on various sites.  i will not be overclocking the processor.


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The processor you want is rated at TDP 105 Watts which means you will need a CPU Cooler that will dissipate 105 watts of heat from the processor to keep it from overheating.

The AMD Wraith Prism is rated at 105 Watt TDP. So it might be good enough for normal computing but running probably a bit hotter than a stronger 3rd Party CPU Cooler.

I suggest you purchase a powerful Air or AIO CPU Cooler if your computer case has the room for it.

From PCPARTPICKER here is a large list of compatible CPU Coolers for the Ryzen 7 5800X:

Here is the best CPU Coolers for the Ryzen 5800X from Windows Central:


Look for a CPU cooler with a TDP cooling rating at least double that of your CPU.

I'm running a Ryzen 7 2700x 105 watt CPU I use a 200 watt TDP CPU cooler.

TDP in coolers is a measure of thermal capacity and dissipation.

I use the MSI FROZR L twin 120mm fan 200 watt TDP CPU cooler. Idle temps hover around 30C and load is around 50C.

With the Ryzen 9 5000 series I would strongly recommend a 240 to 250 TDP cooler. Since those CPU's have 12 cores packed in the same socket space they are going to need really beefy cooling solution.

I suggest Noctua Cooler Master Zalman or Thermaltake brands.

Research the detail specs on the websites to ensure you match socket compatibility and meet your optimal TDP cooling efficiency. Good luck. Watch for weekend sales that will help save money. 

Everyone already said what you should really do, and I'm just adding in more consensus. Sometimes help.

Get a proper cooler for that, if you have the budget and specially a case with enough space just get a good one.

Tower Air Cooler, this one is a beast and silent, no compromise here and it will match AIO's kind of performance. Just make sure you have space for it.

NH-D15 2x140mm fans
BeQuiet! Dark Rock PRO 4 2x140mm fans

If you are really afraid of temps, there is a monster in the block, but not all cases will have space for it.

H170i Elite with a 420 radiator 3x140mm fans

If you have a more traditional case, any GOOD 360 AIO should do the trick. Look for the 7th gen ASETEK design, the pumps are a little more quiet if you want less noise and keep the pump running like 80%

Good Luck!

The Englishman

Noctua have some of the best CPU Coolers around but also some of the most expensive ones.  Partly because they have a 6 year Warranty on their CPU Coolers.

Journeyman III

Noctua NH-U12A
Noctua is known for quiet, stable fans for a reason. The Noctua NH-U12A is not only silent but also efficient at keeping everything cool.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280
The Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 is the liquid-cooling system to get for impressive temps and noise. It's an affordable solution that may not look fancy but will keep your CPU running comfortably.

NZXT X73 360mm
The X73 360mm is a powerful liquid-cooling system that also looks great with its RGB. It's expensive but capable of keeping your CPU temperatures under control.

Scythe Fuma 2 CPU air cooler
The Scythe Fuma 2 is a surprisingly competent air cooler for an extremely low price. It underperforms some of the best coolers on the list by the smallest amount.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 TR4
The Dark Rock Pro 4 TR4  is an extremely solid air cooler that keeps low temps and low noise. For those benefits though, it comes at a lofty 5.75-inch height, so check your case for clearance.

Not really sure how well they will work, but personally I would suggest NHD15 from Noctua. I have also been using it for my Ryzen 5 3600 without any issues. Might work as well for your processor. You can also find some tested products for 7 5800x here