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Journeyman III

RMA replacement CPU overdue and all contact links invalid


I'm waiting for my replacement CPU (5950) for more than a week. AMD wrote when the CPU does not arrive withhin in 5 days please use the following link in the mail. But the link does not work (page not found). I usend then a contact form on AMD Website. Then I got a Mail from AMD Postmaster: Your message couldn't be delivered and there was no valid enhanced status code being issued by the remote mail system to determine the exact cause, status: '554 Cannot process message in SAP System'.

I used the Drop Down stuff of the contact form. Great. How can I get in Contact with AMD? Links dows not work, Form on the Website does not work. The Mails I got are all NoReply.


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Journeyman III

Did you ever figure out how to get in touch? I think my 5950x just died and I am trying to figure out how to get it replaced under warrant since its only 2 months old. Havent seen anything yet. I did see a message that said a customer support account has been created for me but I dont see any login information or link. Yours is the most recent post I can find on here regarding RMA and CPU. Thanks in advance.