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Journeyman III

Boot kit requested no response

Sent in a request for a boot kit for a TUF x570 to upgrade bios to support my 5800X as it will not post without bios upgrade, have contacted ASUS and they said to go to AMD. I sent in my request and received two acknowledgement emails 3 days ago and nothing since then so was wondering what was happening as I need the boot kit to allow my PC to work and it’s fairly urgent! Ticket number: 8201041607 if anyone can give any information that would be great 

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Have you checked your EMAIL SPAM folder, either Online or Desktop, to see if by any chance AMD's reply went there automatically?

What did the Acknowledgement Emails say? Does it mention how to contact them in case of any problems?

Sometimes one of the Moderators can inquire to find out if there is an issue or not with your BOOT KIT Ticket. Since you posted the Boot Kit Ticket Number, at least, the Moderators can check it out if they have the time to do so.

Due to the Pandemic and newly released CPU Processors, I imagine it takes AMD longer to start working on Tickets than usual. 

NOTE: I also recently upgraded to a Ryzen X570 Motherboard. I made sure it had the BIOS FLASHBACK feature to avoid having to get a AMD BOOT KIT.

The ASUS Motherboard I got just came out in September of this year and cost half the price of the ROG Motherboards that have the BIOS FLASHBACK feature. It is the Asus TUF GAMING X570-PRO (WiFi) that cost less than $250.00 with the BIOS FLASHBACK feature. It has the same amount of 8 SATA Port and 4 PCIe lanes and 4 DIMM Slot RAM as the more expensive ROG Motherboards.