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Journeyman III

Blank screen after upgrading CPU

I seem to have run into a problem after upgrading my ryzen 5 3600x to a ryzen 7 5700x3d, I keep getting a blank screen whenever I turn the PC on.

My motherboard is the MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX and I've updated the BIOS to the latest version, I tried installing the old CPU back and everything boots up normally.

I tried searching online for a solution but couldn't find anything other than updating the BIOS (which I already did).

Would really appreciate any advice!

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Big Boss

FallenComrade, please share with us any debug LEDs or hex codes. What CPU cooler do your have, also Power supply, memory all all other parts. Try booting with only one memory stick. Can you boot into BIOS? Please do a Clear CMOS. Thanks and enjoy, John.


First do you have your Monitor cable connected directly to your Motherboard's Video Output ports and not your GPU card if you have one installed?


The IGPU delivers video output to your motherboard's video ports and not your GPU Card if you still have one installed.


If you do have it connected to your Motherboard's Video port then go to BIOS and make sure you have the BIOS setting for IGPU and GPU set to "Auto".  If it is set for just the GPU card it will disable your IGPU. In "Auto" it will make your GPU card automatically the Main Display Adapter and your IGPU secondary Adapter.


When you upgraded your CPU did you check to see if the RAM you have installed is compatible with the new processor?


I see that it doesn't have a RX-5X00G QVL LIST for RAM but a RX-3X00G list. So I would use the RX-3X00G List to at least see if your RAM is compatible with your 3000 Series APUs.


I would install just one stick of RAM then do a Clear CMOS to reset your BIOS back to its default settings and see if it boots up.


If not, as mentioned by the other User, post what Motherboard Trouble LEDs or Digital Code is showing to see  which hardware is not passing the POST Test of BIOS.


NOTE: By blank Monitor you mean no video output correct?


When you boot up wait a few minutes and see if your get video output once Windows starts loading unless the boot process is stopped at a specific Trouble LED light or Digital code and the booting process is halted.


By latest BIOS version do you mean 7B84vAJK 2023-10-24

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