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Journeyman III

Bios situation

I just finish my build Ryzen 7 5700G on Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO wifi. I get no display and/ or bios menu. What do? Do I need a 3000 series to update bios or can I push a load with current cpu. Please help.  

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For your Gigabyte Motherboard to recognize and boot up you need BIOS Version F61 (07/22/2021) installed:

Screenshot 2022-03-13 220146.png

If you have the wrong BIOS Version installed F60 or older you will need another processor that will work with your current BIOS Version to update your Motherboard's BIOS to F61 or newer.



I don’t have another cpu. So I’d have to buy one. There’s no other way?


Open a AMD Warranty ticket and ask for a AMD BOOT KIT to be sent to you. It is a processor with a CPU Cooler in which you install and update the BIOS then you send the Boot Kit back to AMD.

Here is where you can ask for a Boot Kit:

Screenshot 2022-03-13 220146.png

But before you order the AMD Boot Kit make sure you need  a BIOS Update for your Motherboard. It might have the correct BIOS version installed.

If you don't know which BIOS version you have installed open a Gigabyte Support ticket and give them your Motherboard's serial number and they will be able to tell you which BIOS version your motherboard originally came with when you purchased it.