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Journeyman III

Are these temps save? (Ryzen 7 5700X)

Hello, i recently updated from Ryzen 5 2600X to Ryzen 7 5700X. Temps are higher than I expected, so i would like to ask if its okay in long-term. I know maximum is 90C, but when we are talking about long-term? Isn't it too much?

Temps in 1 hour stress test in Aida64 - All HW on 100% (discs, GPU, CPU, cache, memory..): max temp 84C

Temps after 8 hours of playing Ark: 77C

typical idle: 50-55C

Temp in room: +-25C

Max boost frequency was up to 4,55 GHZ, average 4,2 GHZ
Cooler: Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4

PBO is enabled

Max voltage is 1,225 (seems high for me?)

Thanks, have a good day


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The temperatures you posted are well withing its Maximum Operating Temperature of 90c.

That means that AMD says you can safely run your CPU Processor up to 90c without any issues. But if you can keep it below 90c is even better.

If 77c is the hottest you get running games then you have a good CPU Cooler installed. You can run your processor at 80c 24/7 without harm.

Now if you decide to run your processor above 90c like 95c or 98c for very long times then you will most likely shorten the lifespan or even possibly damage your processor or motherboard.


What is your case and cooler? Because that plays a major deal on the final outcome.

For an ambient temp of 25ºC and a Idle of 50ºC you are having a 25ºC delta which is not bad but I would expect better. Again, its very dependent on your cooler and applications running on the background.

The voltage you posted, is it the vCore? It doesn't look like it, if you have PBO enabled that voltage in a non-undervolted CPU would touch +1.4v easily.

So you may have PBO on AUTO instead of ENABLED.

Regarding maximum temperatures, those are just fine.

If you want better temps/performance, try curve optimizer, offset undervolting or both.

The Englishman
Journeyman III

Thaks guys. So its okay?
I have BeQuiet Pure Base 600, 3 case fans (1 in, 2 out) and cpu cooler is BeQuiet Pure Rock 4 (sorry for my mistake on post)

I am playing Ark again now and its changing between 70 and 77, not more. 
PBO is set to "auto" in bios

Bro they just said it's safe, why keep asking if it's okay?