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Journeyman III

Amd Ryzen 5950x BSOD

First off Not sure im in the right place but Posting here


Okay I brought a new Computer 

After i installed Windows ive been haveing BSOD when trying to play Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition 

I Thought i figured out the problem that it was due to and Update in windows update  one you can select to get 

also installed an older version of windows as newest version was pretty unstable at the time i was haveing crashes

Today and this is like 4 days later with no Crashes in metro exodus

ive tried Running the Remake of Alex the kid and Wham like 10 min in WHEA_UNKNOWEN_ERROR

Its the same BSOD ive gotten from the start ive started out with this new pc Whea error

Im so Confused if its software or hardware Error



All so been trying to get help from Microsoft Community a bunch of info there 

in the end my computer started to run perfectly in Metro exodus but any other game ive tried it crash...

Thought it was a windows update bug but seems thats not it....

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Run Windows memory diagnostic, it is built in Windows 10. In apps in search start typing windows memory diagnostics, and it will be found even if you have non-English windows.

It will restart and test memory, because it looks like a memory issue. Other cases were defective CPU but in my opinion it can be memory or rather bad CPU install and after reinstalling "defective" CPU it is fixed.

You should also uninstall physically all extra hardware, I noticed you have some PCIE cards? Remove it from motherboard and uninstall drivers completely.


I have run a memtest  and it said it passed with out any problems i havent updated my bios might be somthing i need to do


How many hours you ran memtest? And you must of course update bios due to the latest Windows updates. Just update everything. Graphics card drivers and motherboard drivers too.


for about 8 hours or was it 10 not sure but i was told to do the 4 passes


Ok, so your issue can be overheating, some drivers or rare hardware defect (or incorrect CPU mounting).

  • update bios and all drivers and windows
  • remove all hardware from your PC which is not needed and uninstall drivers of those hardware items
  • run hwinfo and observe temperatures during gaming
  • open case during gaming


after that

  • reseat CPU, graphics card and memory modules