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Journeyman III

AMD 3020e CPU clock speed thottle.

I've searched online and I've had people with the same problems and still can't find a solution on why this processor thottles while maintaining good temps.

When using this CPU for the first half an hour or so its perfectly fine, its dual core so its not speedy or anything but it handles simple tasks like youtube well, however after the half hour the CPU clock speed throttes to 1.6ghz and this makes the processor significantly slower and just a pain to bear with. 

Any fixes?

LAPTOP name - Lenovo Ideapad 1

CPU - Amd 3020e

4gb ram (single channel soldered)

Vega 3 graphics




-High Performance mode

-Ultimate Performance mode

-Factor Resets


2 Replies

Seems like your Lenovo comes with Windows 10/11 "S" Mode which is a  very restrictive Windows OS. This OS doesn't allow any 3rd party software except those that comes from Windows Store and only MS Browsers will run on this version.

Now some laptop manufacturer purposely down speed their laptop processor to run at a maximum speed.

But you said that your processor does run normally and then starts to throttle even though, in your opinion, it isn't overheating.

What are the temperatures when it starts to throttle or slow down?

When it throttles check Task Manager under "Performance" to see if your processor is running at 100% load which could be why it is running slow. Also check your Windows drive to see if it is running at 100%.

Also you laptop only has 4 GB of RAM in it. That is barely enough to run Windows which requires a minimum of 2 GBs of RAM for Windows x64 OS.

Check for Malware/Virus infections by running a Anti-Virus scan.

Also open a Lenovo Support and see what they recommend.

You have a very low budget Laptop. I would ask Lenovo if they have put a cap on your processor or not.



That 4GB of system RAM may also be slowing your system down when browsing. 

Windows 10 11 typically use around 1,2 to 2.1 GB of RAM when heavy browsing especially if you're watching videos in HD or UHD.

If your laptop is out of warranty, I would suggest upgrading the RAM to the max your laptop will support. 

If your still under warranty don't touch it any hardware change or software change not listed on the support page for your laptop can void your warranty.