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Journeyman III

Alienware Aurora R10 temp ok?

Hi! I have Alienware Aurora R10 with 3700x and it have CPU heatsink. When i play some core goes up for like 90c in few seconds but average temp is 80-85c. Im just wondering if these temp are OK for be on a heatsink for gaming? Will it damage or reduce the lifetime of this cpu? Idle temp around 40-60c.



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Re: Alienware Aurora R10 temp ok?

That is hot. Technically in limits but barely. I would bet you are throttling and losing performance and it will absolutely hurt the processor over time faster than if it ran cooler. I would talk to Alienware about it. There must be a problem with their cooling solution. Any tinkering you do since you bought a prebuilt system could void warranty. Is it AIO water cooled or air cooled? I can tell you my air cooled 3700x with a cooler master 212 evo never goes over 73 under full load. My idle temps are typically under 40 but will range from about 35-45.