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Journeyman III

7950x3d parking

Hi so a friend of mine bought a 7950X3d are the issues that existed at launch with bad parking for cores still a thing and if yes will amd do something ? 
and if not what can he do to fix it ?

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Journeyman III

Do not quote me but after months of instability issues with the 7950X3D I just had to RMA my ASUS Crosshair Extreme X670E. During the 3DBenchmark testing it was noted that my CPU was indeed parking my cores and relying only of one core during some of the testing. 

     I am thinking of also RMA for the CPU the whole AM5 issues has left a very sour taste in my mouth as I am now down once again while all my fellow computer builders went with gen 13 and 14 of Intel they are still up and going and the delays of the holidays is only going to compound my down time. AMD was and can still be a great product I came back after years of dealing with the Intel heat issues. Looks like after I get all my components back I may sell the X670E and he AM5 along with the 4090 at a loss just to wash away the bad experience.