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Journeyman III

7950x undervolting

Hello everyone. I am glad I am here. 

I've been doing research on building a new system to edit on during the past couple of months. I'll list my choices:

CPU: 7950x
RAM: G.Skill Tridentz Z5 Neo 2x32GB 6000 (qvl list verified)
SSD: WD Black SNX850X 4 TB (not 100%) for OS. Later i'll add more.
VGA: 4090. I don't know which one yet plus I am stalking the prices (i'll buy the card after the new year kicks in for taxes reasons)
Cooler: NH-U12A chromax. It was given to me for free and the plan is to use it while waiting for D15's successor. According to Noctua it can handle the CPU.
PSU: Seasonic Prime TX ATX 3.0 1300W
Case: Fractal Design Torrent
Motherboard: Asus ProArt X670E creator (I left this one last because I am still debating whether it's worth the price.)
It has to be air cooled because a. I don't trust AIOs and b. too much blink which I don't care for.
I also need to mention that I've build PCs before but back then undervolting wasn't a thing or at least common practice.
Suggestions will be greatly appreciated but that's not what I am looking for.

Here comes the question:

Is undervolting easy to do? I've been looking into it and can't make up my mind. That's the only thing keeping me from ordering the parts.
I (think I) understant Curve Optimizer and the need for a negative offset for all cores (I am not going per core, at least before I have a good udnerstanding of what I am doing). I am also reading about setting a PPT limit under PBO but will that hinder perfomance which I care for?

The PC will be used mostly to edit on but if personal time allows I wouldn't say no to gaming. That's one of the 3 reasons keeping me from going the m3max way. The others are the non upgradable/expensive storage and the issue with either monitor upscaling or non adobe rgb color space if I opt for an apple monitor.

This will be my first team red system and I am very much looking forward to it! I truly hope this is easy to do as time is expensive these days and so is electricity!

I am sorry for any  mistakes in the message above, English is not my native language.

Thanks in advance,

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I think I can help you out.

Undervolting is super easy, but you won't be lowering to a fixed value, the best way in normal circumstances would be to use negative offset.

But first lets tackle PPT values, since you seem to want to lower them a bit. Short answer, you can, but eventually you will loose performance. How much? I left some cinebench values in my personal rig post, you can search for RAPHAEL keyword. In gaming not that much.

So whats good about this? Well....

Better temperatures for start. Now keep this in mind.

Can we go to curve optimizer? Ok!

Curve Optimizer will lower voltages as well, its a more "elegant" undervolting but in the end, Curve Optimizer should bump performance.

You can try curve optimizer to regain performance lost with lower PPT values, but not everyone will manage to do CO -30

I could not achieve -30 so I have curve optimizer, lower PPT values plus undervolting to keep the CPU cool. Remember the good temperatures? The more headroom you have, the more the CPU will boost. I can sometimes see several cores going up to 5,8ghz

There are more tweaks available, such as +200mhz on boosting under PBO or as you said, per core curve optimizer.

But start slow, read everything, tweak more and have fun!





The Englishman

So this is the so called "silicon lottery"? If my chip is "good" I can apply a bigger negative offset without adjusting PPT?


Generally speaking, yes. But first you should go after curve optimizer instead of negative offset.

The Englishman

You've convinced me. I'll start looking for prices/sales. Thanks.

Highly likely I'll be asking for help

Adept III

Take a look at this, and if you decide to do so, you won't need to reduce productivity due to fear of high temperatures


a. I wouldn't dare to go this extreme
b. If I were to go this extreme, I would go all the way and delid the thing


What you gonna do with this PC?


Mostly edit Canon R5 stills. But I want to "test the video waters" during the hot half of the year. Work is slower during that period. If time allows, an hour or so of gaming here and there wouldn't be a bad thing I know I could go cheaper but the plan is to not upgrade anytime soon.