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Adept I

5800x burned down

Hi all.I hope for your help, otherwise this is an epic failure.

   In general, the processor (ryzen 5800x) and motherboard (msi tomahawk b550) were assembled with a cooler. Everything was working. And after a long time I took out a video card (rx 6600) - it was checked, it worked. In general, to celebrate, I collected all this miracle together and turned it on, but there is no image, I look at the motherboard indicator, it writes about problems with RAM (dram). I checked everything, but the problem did not disappear. I decided to check that with the processor. He began to unscrew the fasteners, when he loosened and removed the lever enough, tried to pull out the cooling system along with the processor (as always glued together). For some reason, the contacts burned, and 3 legs got stuck at the fault site, and when the processor was pulled out, they remained welded in place in the socket.

   The video card also suffered, something happened to the power system, most likely, since it didn’t even get a little warm when connected.

   The processor warranty for that period has not yet ended (box version). But due to a malfunction, it was not possible to remove the processor without damage. And the warranty doesn't seem to work anymore. The most unpleasant thing is that 3 legs were torn out along with the contact pad onto the substrates. And even if I find a service where they will be attached back, it's not a fact that the processor will work. 

What are the options for solving the problem?Please tell me what are the solutions to the problem?

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"The video card also suffered, something happened to the power system, most likely, since it didn’t even get a little warm when connected."

Likely power surge that power supply hadn't protected away from.

Most likely all system is dead, but you can try GPU and RAM on some test bench or friend's PC if you have such. IF you got lucky, only CPU and mobo died. Look for burned traces or capacitors on motherboard. 

Sorry for your loss...

Adept I


Adept I


Adept I

Sorry for the loss mate

last windows update and driver update forcing AMD CPU to overclock themselves I have 5800 x and it got  over clocked to 4.7 form 3.8 that Couse heat and it kill the system ... thank you amd with your drivers 

"clocked to 4.7 form 3.8 that Couse heat and it kill the system ... thank you amd with your drivers" 
3.8 = Base clock
4.7 = Boost clock
NO, IT IS NOT OVERCLOCKING. It is default boost behaviour. Don't call things for what they are not. 
And if CPU didn't throttle itself from heat = it is completely another sort of issue unrelated to windows or drivers because throttling behaviour can only be set in BIOS. Temperature limit for AMD is...
Zen 2: 115 degrees for shutoff, 95 degrees for throttle
Zen 3: 110 degrees for shutoff, 95 degreese for throttle, 80 degrees forsoft clock limiter

Surely it is heat that kill system, when your CPU literally will shut down before being harmed. Especially with melted metal pins. Because surely metal can easily melt at 115 degrees... 

Adept I

pff this is bad..feel for you bro.

Can anyone read why / how those pins heat up to point of melting the socket?

looks like MB data / ram pins. but HOW the hell it heat up to point of meltdown????

very unfortunate.


Nah, they likely were CPU_VDDCR to something




Adept I

Dimka, I see some AGP103 in the list of pins. I could be reading it wrong but if that is the case. Anton sorry but you most likely lost the GPU, and RAM as well. I would recommend contacting the mobo maker and see if they can RMA it. A good chance they wont, but worth a shot.

hello, the video card and RAM are surprisingly completely alive, while the video card can also be accelerated like flash. 

It's very scary to check if it will start if you connect it again. And the repair of the motherboard is very doubtful with such a problem


hey you have my sympathy, but what you are describing sounds like a lightning strike hit that machine.  I live in a severe lightning strike zone and they come in more through the phone lines than electrical grid.  However they make their way to the electric grid through any network patch cable from fax machines, printers, any device connected to the computer and they can be a disaster.  I had one desktop that had the CPU simply welded into the socket, you were not about to remove it.  Also when a computer is struck by lightning not all components may not have severe enough damage to cause them to stop working.  But, they may die several days or weeks after the strike.  I have conducted numerous evaluations for insurance companies and when a machine is hit by lightning you have to write the entire thing off as a loss.  

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