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Journeyman III

2990wx help

2990wx have very low performance for vitrual machines, my second cpu 3950x works better than 2990wx, its proc bug or what? if i chenge 2990wx to 2970wx its will be better? now i see like 16 cores performance, 2970 dont have these promblems ? sorry for english

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Big Boss

alexxxm, this is an English only forum.  Please re-post in English.  Thanks and enjoy, John. John.

Big Boss

alexxxm, thanks much.  Please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) - simply drag-n-drop the image into your reply.  Your English is fine.  I am in the process of retiring my 2990WX for a 3970X and it ran Great!  The 2970WX has fewer cores and therefore could be worse.  It is really according to what you are doing.  Are you using all cores on your 2990WX?    Please post a complete list of your components, including version of Windows and use CPU-Z, Mainboard tab, to post your BIOS/AGESA.  I have run VMs (Hyper-V) on my 2990WX and it was fine, but I only ran one VM at a time.  What VM are you using?  Did you tell the VM you have 32 cores?  Thanks and enjoy, John.


i want to use all 32 cores for WMs, now its looks like 16 cores uses, 


Memory Hyper-X 3200

slots 1-3 2-4

VMware® Workstation 15 Pro

15.5.1 build-15018445

Windows 10 pro , Version 1909

corePrio do nothing


alexxxm, thanks for the screenshots, but next time, please drag-n-drop the RM and CPU-Z ones and leave the others out.  Only RM is valid and can tell me what I need to know.  If you are running the latest version of W10 (18363.535) it contains all the Windows scheduler changes you need - please remove corePrio.  I quit running it some time ago.  Your AGESA is correct - same as mine - make sure you are running the latest BIOS.  I assume you MB is ASUS.  They are famous for OCing your system without your knowledge.  Please open Settings-Apps and remove all ASUS applications especially performance enhancer type stuff.  Are you running all cores at 3900 MHz?  Someone is - in Manual mode. RM says your memory is running at 3000MHz (1500MHz clock).  Please do not try to use DOCP, only use XMP.  I would like to look more closely at your memory.  Please DL the Free read-only version of Thaiphoon Burner and post a screenshot of one stick - drag-n-drop.   After you remove all bad applications, please do a Clear CMOS and then I hope you will run a benchmark.  But first DL and install the latest AMD drivers from here.  Please search for and DL Cinebench R60.  Run a Single core and All core test.  File-Advanced will lead to the options.  Post a screenshot for each RM.   I have seen plenty of CB - no more please.  Please post a screenshot of CPU-Z Memory tab.

Now to your current problem: Does VMware® Workstation 15 Pro support 32 cores?  Do you have 32 cores set in your VMware control file?

I had an obligation today, so was late in responding.  I think we are making progress.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

EDIT:I should point out that the processor does what the OS tells it to do.  If only 16 cores are busy, it is because W10 only sent work to 16.