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Adept II

2700X random freeze

Hi, I have had a ryzen 2700x since the release day, and there has been a stutter problem with the CPU, that requires complete restart for it to unlock.

it usually happens when CPU utilization jumps from idle, to full load... - the screen freezes, with all commands not functioning (num lock doesnt work either). So far I've waited upto a minute, and it still wouldnt "unlock".

I tried finding a solution on reddit, and someone suggested changing the power mode in bios to "classic" or something along those lines, but it didnt help much. So here I am trying to find a solution.

I tried stress testing ram and gpu but none of them show any problems.

also, its not overheating... the temps are in 40-60 range. - no overclock.

The error happens on most CPU intensive apps, but for me most common is in 3DS max. Happens at least once every 4-6 hours of normal work load.

Also, the software is not to blame, since works on all other computers I've worked with.

my setup is


gigabyte 470x aorus gaming 7

16gb of 3000 ram (g skill)

titan X (pascal)

750 watt corsair PSU.

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Adept I

Unfortunately I can't post a solution but I can say it's (almost) what I am fighting with at the moment. For me, Maya is also being unstable at times and randomly locks up.

Very frustrating


There have been 3 bios releases for your motherboard, please advise your bios version so people can get an idea on your system. Also include your power plan from Power option as it seems it gets choked from idle to full load. May I suggest that you download KeyShot and run the benchmark camera test and let it render for 10 mins and rotate and let it render again, this will test all your cores. regards.


hi, thanks for the reply.

At the time of writing that post, I was still using F4G bios (the mbo came with it, and I had it basically since first week 2700x was released), and had updated to F4 last week.

since then, I havent used the computer enough to have scientific certainty, but so far I've had few friezes while using "power saver" profile -me not being certain is because at those particular moments, computer was really at its limit, so the freeze could have been caused by ram or gpu getting flooded (although they rarely misbehaved in the past).

I'll switch to "Ryzen balanced" in a few days and let you know how it goes on each of the power setting modes.

as for benchmarking, I'm running 3Ds max and Vray on it, and multiple instances of it, and other software -so it's getting properly "abused" as is. But the bug is not instantly repeatable. Sometimes it'd happen after 2 mins since turning the PC on from standby, sometimes after 20 min.  And I would not need to wait for it to render.. it'd happen instantly when I pressed the render button - in the exact same moment when the "cpu load spike" happens.


updating sooner then I thought.
I had a busy day today... and I've reverted back to F4G.

When using photoshop, the pc started acting up. It started to behave erratic, with crashes after 5-15 mins of use. no matter if computer was in stand by beforehand.

(the crashes were different then before. The PC wouldnt actually crash, but windows would stop behaving properly. With different parts of UI not functioning properly).

I tried:

1) using ryzen master to put it to both in gaming and productivity mode... no difference

2) tried using performance, power saver and ryzen balanced power settings ... kept crashing

3) tried manually setting DRAM Vcore to 1.35 ... kept crashing

4) tried optimized defaults in bios ... kept crashing

5) reseated ram, reseated GPU ...kept crashing

now I'm back to F4G bios (I keep reading it l33t ), and it's working without a glitch as long as I dont go into stand by.

I'll try F4 again in a few days when I have more time on my hands... since I still leave some doubt that I might have f* something up. Will try it with my old gtx 580 and 1 by 1 stick of ram to exclude anything else being an issue (and yes, I've got ram inserted in correct slots). In that case, I really hope someone could direct me to an AMD representative...

Also, there was a weird glitch when PC was booting... the "_" cursor that's usually pops up for few seconds top left corner, would appear slightly offset toward mid screen.


update 2;

After few days of intensive work load that caused 10s of crashes, or temporary stalls, I can confirm that F4 patch didnt help at all, as I had gone back to F4G, and then F4 again without noticing serious improvement.

To remove any doubt, I tried re-seating ram, and working with only 1 stick at the time

I also tried different graphics card, then 2 graphic card same time, neither helped.

I also tried unplugging hard drives, that didnt

I did a fresh windows install; That didnt help either.

In the end, I resorted to tinkering through bios on my own, and I over-volted few parameters of CPU and DRAM slightly above stock values. And it seems to be working far better then anything before (24h without hickups attm).

my best guess at what's going on with the freezes is this:

1) during standby, PC temp drops low (20C,30C)

2) when I turn on the PC, it boots up, and keeps a conservative speed

3) when I start a CPU intensive app, the MBO/CPU senses it can "go faster", based on current idle tem

4) MBO/CPU based on that raise the speed, but keep the voltage of components low

5) the freeze happens, either because CPU or DRAM is not getting enough voltage

current bios settings are:

Host BCLK 104.5 (upped it from 100)

Multiplier: 37.5

CPU speed: 3920

DRAM frequency: 2925

CPU vcore - auto (1.225V)

VCORE SOC 1.20625 V

CPU VDD18 1.92 V

DRAM Voltage 1.25V

DRAM Termination 0.7V

CPU VCORE Loadline calibration          Turbo

VCORE SOC Loadline calibration           Turbo

Is there a way for me to disable PBO2 to see if that helps?

And where can I find all AMD recommended CPU voltages, since I'm afraid the MBO Auto settings might be screwing things up.

Hey, I am in the same situation.

Have you found any workaround for this issue?


sort of.I havent had a freeze for 3 weeks now, but I also disabled standby mode completely, so cant be certain that it wont start freezing once I go into standby again

I did everything possible, so I'm not sure which one did the trick exactly, but I suspect my motherboard tinkering is most important I still suggest reading the whole list to make sure you did all the simple things first:

1) I have flashed the BIOS to the latest version
2) I re-seated all components (CPU, RAM, GPU)

3) I set windows power mode to "High performance power mode" - make sure your processor is set to "minimum processor state 100%"

4) I downloaded the latest chipset driver; take note that AMD's official web site didnt have the latest one, but I got the latest one from Gigabyte's website.

5) I uninstalled all diagnostics and control tools from windows (such as CPU/GPU Z, afterburner, ryzen master, and bios tools, since I've noticed that they cause instability in the system

I changed these settings in BIOS:

6) I set the CPU and RAM speed manually;

CPU @ 3800 mhz, and ram @ 3000 mhz

CPU VCORE Loadline calibration       Turbo    (I think this is the most important part) (it doesnt need to be turbo, but anything higher then default)

VCORE SOC Loadline calibration           Turbo     (I think this is the most important part) (it doesnt need to be turbo, but anything higher then default)

I'll take a look in my bios settings, and report if there's something else I forgot to mention.

If nothing from the above helps, I suggest you try setting all possible CPU settings manually to conservative values, and if it works slowly roll back to Auto, to see if that helps at all.


P.S. please report how it goes for you after making all the tweaks; Or if you manage to diagnose that one of the bullets I recomended had higher impact then the others. also, you might go directly to Loadline calibration settings, to see if that stops the problem instantly, since I didnt get a chance to benchmark it alone... and would be helpfull for others if that turns out to be the sole fix.


Thank you for your reply.

I am on 2700x stock, ROG Crosshair Hero VI, g.skil tridentz 3200 cl16 (@3400 cl16 v1.36, tested 10h in nemtest = 100%RS),Rx580, AX760w. Even if I keep all the system stock (ram 2133 etc) it doesn't help at all.

I have already done step 1, 2 & 4. Also I just fresh install windows 10 (I thought it was the problem cause I swap a lot of cpu , mb and ram in the last month without formatting).

I will try the power plan " performance ", actually I am on balanced (25%-100%).

I am on lvl5 (the highest) cause I notice it helps with these system locks, but still have the issue. Never try SOC LLC so I will give it a try.

I will try also the 5th step and I will also set the clock manually.

I'll start with LLC then step by step trying all the others advices you suggest.

Thank you for your time.

I'll keep you update.

Have a nice day


I wouldnt worry about the ram or the CPU frequency (dont bother reducing it)

keep the ram at stock speed (3200), since I'm running mine at 3000 attm, and no problems.

I'm 99% sure the problem is caused by voltage "deficiency" in the system, and would happen no matter what speed you are running your system at.
Since ryzen is dynamicaly changing the voltage and frequency, the freeze most likely happens when it undervolts it self.

Loadline calibration seems to do  the trick for me, and at one point I even tried overvolting my cpu/dram to narrow down the problem to voltage.

keeping my fingers crossed it works for you.

I'll test if the "powersaver" mode or "balanced" works for me in a few days, when my workload is reduced.

P.S. except for the "performance" power mode, when you installed the chipset drivers, you should get "ryzen power preset" or smthn like that. You might give it a test as well... but I didnt have more patience to test it thoroughly so I stuck with the "performance" mode.


Quick update: I leave my cpu and ram frequency at stock [auto boost, auto vcore\ ram@3200].

I rise the LLC to lv5 (highest) and I switch to performance mode.

At the moment I haven't got any freeze issue.

I am sure too that the problem is the lack of vcore, specially when from idle the cpu boost only 1 core to 4.3.

I will test this setting for a week, than try a different power plan (usually I prefer balanced windows rather than ryzen balanced 'cause it give me less vcore spikes at idle, and most important the cpu stop going up and down from 29°C to 45°C, than back, and again and again [...] with no workload).

I'll come back with my results.

Thank you again.

Happy to say that LLC5 and High Performance work for me for now.

Before these changes my computer froze up 5\6 times a day at idle.

I even undervolted my cpu with a negative offset of -0.1V and it's rock solid.

This morning I wanted to try to change the powerplan to <balanced> and my system froze up after 20min (settings: min cpu 5% - max 100%)

So for me high performance works so well.

Maybe I can try 2 more changes:

- switch to a lower LLC and see how it behaves

- switch to Ryzen Balanced Power Plan and test it (maybe with min cpu at 100% like in high perfomance)


in the meantime, I've disabled "core performance boost" in bios. - just as a precautionary measure, and hopefully will allow me to clock the CPU at 4Ghz at all cores.

I have switched to Ryzen Balanced for the past 2 days. There has been no crashes, but the PC wasnt being used a lot, so it hasnt been properly benchmarked.

personally, I hope to end up using the "powersave" features, since the PC is on 24/7, as a media/asset library, and the power bill adds up eventually.

as for "balanced" power plan, I think thats the only noticable difference in "Ryzen Balanced" -  the min CPU usage is differently configured. (Ryzen is 10%). So by just adjusting that variable to 10%, even the windows default power plan should work. - but I'll get to testing it eventually.

I've also contacted my distributor about warranty, and return policy, and considering switching to threadripper. I only hope that TR doesnt have these problems as well.

Journeyman III

I have same problem, but with Ryzen 5 2600. I solved my problem after 2 months.

I made some tests and discovered some errors/bugs.

Error 1- (standard cooler box) the Ryzen 5 2600 standard cooler box was overloading the CPU against the socket causing freezing. When testing with the a6 9500 cooler box the freezing has stopped.  I put the standard R5 2600 cooler box and tightened the screws less, just the one needed to keep it firm and the freezes stopped.

Error 2- (Driver AMD for chipset) However, when I installed AMD drivers for my chipset and selected the "AMD balanced plan" option the freezes came back. I unistalled AMD chipset, and selected the option "high performance" and the freezes ceased. I did this with A6 9500 (buy to update bios) because of the constant freezes, but after select high perfomance and put R5 2600 the freezing stopped.


Error 3- (Updates for Windows defender) Any other likely cause of freezing is Windows Defender, after a few days of normal use, when updating the windwos defend the freezes returned, so I uninstalled the updates and disabled Windows Defender and windows update.

After doing all this I'm using for 4 days and that does not present freezing, I did tests leaving 12 hours on and there was no freezing. Stress tests in aida64 and apparently without errors.

I thinks solved my problem of freezing.

Other problem that  I have read in forums.

1- Cpu defective, only AMD can attest this

2- Update the version of Windows 10 to the latest

4- Incompatibilities of memories

5- SSD / hd defective

6- Outdated Bios or Bios Error


As I wrote before, I swap to high performance and all the problem are gone.

I tried ryzen power plan, balanced power plan, none of these worked.

Seems like my cpu can't handle to drop vcore under 1V. (Maybe a faulty cpu?)

Thanks for sharing your experience.


I just tried tinkering with power plans, and realized that Ryzen Balanced is actually min processor state 90%..and not 10... which is absurd.

I then came across this article; But I expected thing to change since April '17....

Ryzen Power Plan Update: Min. Frequency 90%, Disables Core Parking | GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds ...


amd ignores the issue. Reddit, and this forum are littered with these sort of problems, and AMD hasnt made a public address on the issue.
It's obviously a power setting issue, since even the "Ryzen power plan" aims in that direction, and on both my and @sob0 case, the Loadline calibration fixes it.

My Ryzen 5 2600 was also freezing in the forum someone suggested setting the Power Supply Idle Control to typical current idle which helped with the freezing but idk if it's safe

I will also change the stock cooler to something else and see if that will help

Adept II

Did you guys manage to fix it? I'm having the same issue with my ryzen 1600 :/ always cashing on idle :/


1) manually install latest chipset drivers and bios (from board manufacturer),

2) set power mode in windows to "Performance";
3)In your bios setting, set your

CPU VCORE Loadline calibration  

VCORE SOC Loadline calibration         

to high/turbo/extreme

(except for power mode "Performance", you could try "Ryzen Balanced", but I havent had the chance to test it properly)

Adept I

I know this thread has been idle for a bit, but I have discovered another seemingly contributing BIOS annoyance that has seemed to rectify my freezing problems with my 2700X on an Asus Crosshair VII Hero (WiFi):

I tried all the other tweaks (VCORE LLC, manual RAM tuning, disable spread spectrum, et al)

I even found some settings that downclock your RAM (thanks AMD) and disabled those.  This only allowed me to get a stable 4.5GHz OC on all cores, but the random hangs persisted.  Usually lasting ~15 seconds to ~1 minute.

I then came across this thread and took another look.  Lo and behold phase control on CPU and VCORE were causing my issue.  The phase control settings introduce voltage variance to keep the VRM cooler.  When you buy premium parts you usually keep thermals in mind, or at least I do, so I don't understand the thought process in adding voltage instability to a voltage sensitive component.

Anyway, Set your CPU and VCORE SOC Phase control to Highest/Extreme/largest available value and your instabilities should be a thing of the past!


Journeyman III

I wanted to add the solution that worked for me to this thread since it is one of the first ones that pops up when searching for the problem.  My symptoms were similar in that the computer would hang for several seconds up to a minute then catch up but the mouse was still able to move.  I was using the Ryzen Balanced power plan.

Ryzen 5 2600X

ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming 4207 BIOS

G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR 4 3000 16GB


Windows 10 Pro 1809 +All updates.

Latest drivers installed 2/25/2019

Event viewer was showing System event 129 "storeahci" warning.  It was basically sending a reset command to my SSD.

I had to use the registry hack found on this page to enable "AHCI Link Power Management" and to set it to "Active".

The option does not exist in the power scheme without the reg hack.

Windows 10 Help Forums 

I spent about 12 hours chasing my tail on the issue thinking it was bad memory or had to do with my OC or was a voltage issue.  The same SSD worked fine on W10 in my previous FX8350 build.

Good Luck!