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Manual tuning settings not showing for rx6000 series gpu

I have just purchased this new amd graphics card
sadly, when I go, into amd radeon adrenalin software to the tuning page, if I want to overclock it, I see no options( see the screenshots). On my old amd rx 550 2gb I had more options and it's very sad.
please tell me what to do in order to find the settings for overclocking and manual tuning.
thanks!AMD Software_ Adrenalin Edition 17.02.2023 20_25_41.pngAMD Software_ Adrenalin Edition 17.02.2023 20_25_46.png

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Hello @CϵzαrMiիהϵαPH 

Please be sure to download and install the correct driver version. 

For your new GPU, the AMD Radeon RX 6400, you'll want this driver: 

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installed it and it still not works....


Did you uninstall the previous drivers and delete the folder from C:\AMD\Adrenalin.  Then restart and install the new drivers.  

It's acting like it is receiving information from the previous drivers.

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i did as you said, performing a clean reinstallation and the issue still persists


OK.  I was going to ask if you had an Nvidia card prior, but see that it was an RX 55o, my bad.  

have you tried disabling your virus software then installing.  Shouldn't cause any problems, but you never know.  Example:  I was experiencing problems with my MSI Bravo laptop blocking specific web sites that I frequently go to, BestBuy one of them.  Narrowed it down to my VPN.  It seems that when the VPN would update it caused the problem.  However, I have 2 desktops that it doesn't affect at all.  Weird but fact.  

So I would try the antivirus first and if you use a VPN try uninstalling it and then install your drivers with a clean install.

Other than what @Sam_AMD  replied you may be installing the wrong drivers for your card.

You also didn't state the brand name of your card.  So you might want to get the drivers from them and try that.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

Just one last comment before you try any of these others.

Download the Auto install from the AMD driver download page and run it.  It will search the system then find the correct driver.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"