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Adept I

1st gen ryzen threadripper bought in new factory sealed retail PiP box failed after only 3 months

first experience with amd is NOT a good one so far.


1st. saved for a LONG time to finally build a new system to replace my old intel 980x rig which was still running rock solid but was long in the tooth and unfortunatley funds didnt permit intel this time  if they had i would have most certainly went intel x299 instead of amd x399.  however, this seems to have been a major mistake.


now i have to save for everything being on limited income so i of course built on a strict budget, ell long story short i got my build done and it worked flawlessly for ONLY 3 months (falied right before christmas).  now i can hear people saying it or thinking it but you can still find NIB 1st gen ryzen threadripper 1900X on newegg, ebay, and amazon ( 1920x and 1950x not so much and at double the price of a new 1900x) now somr might say why didnt you go second gen to that i respond with are you gonna pay for it?  my funds for cpu at the time was $200.


anyway, i put in for warranty and hopefully amd comes through but  based on my personal luck im betting i will just end up having to bring my old 980x out of retirement while i save  money of course when i start saving i will be saving to build a new system that is not on amd.


no offense to amd but when a cpu gets 00 post code and red cpu light after only 3 months of use  and no amout of bare bones out of case on cardboard box single stick ram, different stick ram, different psu, or even going all the way to dfw and then to okc to find another x399 mobo to test cpu in makes any difference tehn ic can be conclusively rules cpu failure ( fyi bios update is irrelevant as my board has the bios compatible with 2nd gen tr and again system was working flawlessly for 3 months when i turned it on one mornign and nothing 00 and red cpu led.


so hopefully amd will take care of me but i suspect it is going ot be a metter of hey we got your money already we dont care which based on some internet research seems to be a common issue at least for tr.


well all i can do is sit back and await a response from AMD but im prepping my 980x already expecting a negative outcome from amd support

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That blows...All the TR components are big $$ and hard to find sometimes. My favorite CPU to this day is the TR 1950x. Built a system for my dad with it after I was done, and it's been going strong for over 4 years with him. Let us know how it goes.

All official AMD sealed Retail Box processors have a 3 year AMD Warranty which starts as soon as your Retailer's Return Date or Warranty ends.

So you should get a replacement processor, if AMD has one in stock, as soon as AMD checks out your processor.

It isn't common for a processor to go bad so quickly. Generally, in my opinion, the processor would be defective from the start. They are built pretty solidly and are dependable. I have had more than 3 processors for a length of time without any issues popping up since I first started building my first PC.

Could your processor have been damaged from another hardware failure or short in your PC or even a power black/Brown out causing a massive power surge when power was restored?


Volunteer Moderator

It's difficult to understand why the CPU would fail after 3 months, but wait and see if you can get a warranty replacement.  

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

well it is not the other componants i have checked and doublechecked them first rebuilding system outside of case and then with other componants where available, my rtx 2080 super checks out, my gskill trident z checks out, both of my lepa G 1600 psu check out ( as in both work fine on my room mates xeon system and all my older systems which go back as far as a pentium D950).


i took the motherboard and tr cpu to closest pc shop 1.5 hours 1 way ( we dont really have a pc shop here only networking businesses), the shop said my motherboard itself was fine, said the cpu failed.


in a normal world i wouldnt have posted, but in this case i thought i should warn people to not buy amd or if they are set on it go to amd website and call them prior to any purchases to see if they are going to have a support system downtime.  what my issue is right now is do to the server maintenance downtime end of dec 22 to jan 5th 23, i got stuck not being able to do anything to start process and my ability to access invoice online ran out on 2 jan 23 ( which i called amd support between 29th and 23rd of dec 22 to explain how i was on time crunch for my invoice availability) amd support just said you have to wait till teh 5th.


so now im stuck here hoping amd will make an exception to the invoice because i was pushed in a bad place with bad timing of cpu failure, and then then i get a major delay because of amd support system "maintenance" downtime and no backup for such times from amd, then the stopnewalling of support asking for pics of cpu shwing serial number which i gladly sent, only to have one yesterday who basically claimed they were asking for invoice which i forwarded all previous correspondance and gave the 3 phone support ticket numbers i had from the 3 support persons out of the 5 or 6 i spoke with on the phone that actually gave me the ticket number, so they would have all teh phone notes and i could prove no e-mail support person asked for invoice ( would have been irrelevant anyway seeing how it is not available online anymore and any backups of such things i have are on the system that is down with the tr cpu failure.


so you see they asked for pics of cpu not invoice of course as i have repeatedly stated in numerous calls to support the time i had to access invoice online had elapsed by they time their system came back on from system maintenance and my first call which i tried to inform them of the time crunch .  now i know what people are goign to say well why didnt you have a copy of it? right?  that is a good question and the answer is i do/did.  the PROBLEM is the copy was stored on ( you guessed it ) the pc that that is down with the failed cpu ( should have backed up and stored it on one of my old intel systems while it was still working because all my old intel systems from P1 to X58 all still work (installing psu, or other minor service but every amd sytem in the house ( to be fair mostly laptops) are either down or acting up in some way.


with all of that said, with experieance with amd so far im not real optimistic amd is even going to help me at this point they caused this problem with the support maintenance and not having a backup system in place to deal with issues like mine and other people who fall into a similar predicament) and even though i called and let tehm know the issue it was basically ignored with teh response, you will just have to wait till the 5th.


with that said if i have the money i would just replace my 1900X but i dont and lets not even talk about the cost on the 1920X, 1950x, 2920x, or 2950X, which sure id love to be able to upgrade my 1900X cpu to a second gen but i can think of better things to do with $900-$1200 ( like groceries and gas), unfortunatley if i cant get this rma im going to just have to go RTO anther desktop or laptop because i cant exactly pull $200 out of my rear, right now with the bidenflation i have been getting stretched thinner and thinner and now i got hit with $8 a dozen eggs yesterday it will be months before i could get another 1900x and of course by then there either wont be anymore of them new or teh prices on those will be getting gouged.


anyway, hoping amd will work with me here and approve the rma but as of right now my first ever personal xp with amd (as i stated earlier i have always build intel based systems), and amd products is not a pleasent one.

Adept I


As of today amd is still playing the circle jerk and as such I recommend NO person buy amd products.  I do recommend Intel as I've got systems in storage dating back to pentium 1 that all still work but every product in the house based on amd from laptops to my threadripper have either failed entirely or have some other issue including my room mates 2 week old laptop that her amd apu is throttling watching YouTube (her laptop is getting returned in the morning and she is going to replace it with an Intel cpu laptop.


I'm already budgeting to build a new Intel system which will take me a while to get the components but at least I will have a system that will last with Intel.

Adept I

update: went and spent $40 on an m.2 expansion card to put the m.2 out of the amd POSripper  and installed it in my old X58 Intel 980x rig (yes old intel rig STILL works unlike amd) so i could retrieve "invoice" off of the broke D**K amd ( or rather POS at this point) system becuse amd or rather nico at amd refused to budge and worse he refused to escalate me to his higher up which would have been the correct thing to do in this situation but he baically refused.


anyway, im sitting here on day 3 after sending the "invoice" and havent heard anything, like i siad amd has been giving me the circle jerk since mid dec starting with the maintenance server down time with no backup to just repeated circle jerk asking for pics of cpu  with nico falsley claiming the support people were asking for invoice pics ( saved the e-mails to thumb drive so i can post online to social media as soon as i get the time beccause at this point people need warned about teh BS amd is putting me through.


unfortunatley i cannot mark a solution on this post because there hasnt been a solution yet, im still sitting here with a tr brick that cost me $299, at least now i can find a new 1900X for $200 but i shouldnt have to buy another one when it should be under warranty and on top of that if 1 failed after 3 months im not to keen on paying yet another $200 for antother 3 months.  i could have got a really nice intel cpu for an intel X299 for $500.


update: day 4 still waiting for response from amd.  already posting about the incident online and sharing with others, tired of amd's BS want the taken care of.


this is my first and LAST amd purchase ever,  amd has been added to the list ( of now 2 companies i will never support again first was evga, and now amd).  


amd apparently doesnt care that my rig has been down since just before christmas and it is all at fault of amd first the support system being down till teh 5th of jan forcing delay, then the circle jerk amd has been giving me.  even supposed top end support "nico" falsley claimed prior support asked for pics of invoice ( no they asked for pics of cpu,  and box, asked for pics of cpu installed in system, then asked for pics of cpu on table.  


also invoice was saved on the threadripper system which is down because of the faulty amd tr cpu  (or as i have been taking to calling it the amd POS chip).  this forced me to spend $40 for an m.2 expansion card  ( to get my invoce off the old amd POS chip system),  thake god for my old X58 intel 980x rig that is still working FLAWLESSLY unlike amd POS ( POS = Piece Of **bleep**).  people like to defend amd but i can guaruntee you if they were in my position and paid $300 for a cpu and it failed after only 3 months they would be sour to.  not only that the reason you dont hear more amd horror stories is the only places immune to big companies influence are the small ones that go under the radar, teh bigger yt channels and forums are easily bought off to supress negative feedback, or to dowplay or play neutral on big issues ( like current people with 7900XTX cards for example).


end of the day, amd is treating me dirty and jerking me around at thsi point and ive had it , amd needs to rma my cpu so i can get back to work once my rig is back up and running i plan to start saving for to either replace the x399 POS for x299 or intels next HEDT offering, my first experience with a purchased AMD product is horrible and that is not counting the multiple pcs a week i have brought to me to look at and fix ( for the record 8 out of 10 are amd systems which honestly should have been a red flag for me to go x299 in the first place so consider it lesson learned and i will no longer buy support or take in amd systems or products.  




I had an issue similar to that which you are describing BUT.... It wasn't the CPU's fault it was the Motherboard..

I had an ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha on which a 2950X died, it turned out these board have bodgy fan controls and the fan control software SUCKS big time, what had happened was the board detected that the CPU temperature went down to something like -105.c and it go stuck there so it turned off the CPU fan which was a Noctua, apparently this board has problems reading the Noctua fans and thus it never started again turning the CPU into a crispy critter, the CPU was replaced under warrantee as at this time I did not know this fault existed in those boards ; however the 2nd time it happened I caught it in the act and immediately shut the machine off, after much research I found out about the problem from one other user that experience it.. his solution and that offered by ASUS was do NOT let the system control the CPU fan, always leave it on full speed.


sorry issue was not the motherboard, nor was it the ram, gpu, psu, hard drive, ssd, or anything else that amd tried to peddle off as being the fault the problem was a POS amd cpu.


anyway, does not matter anymore, amd refused warranty, seller refused warranty and i have since ditched the POS amd product and sold off the x399 motherboard and have replaced it with intel X299.  tr was my first ever amd system and based on my experience my last, no warranty, extremely short lifespan, and poor quality.


so if anyone is looking for great products that last i recommend intel and nvidia, so much so that i have altered my business model for system service in that i only offer 2 services for amd systems upgrade to intel or refuse service.  since amd refused to stand by their own product i wont either and i cant in good concious recommend or sell inferior quality products to a consumer knowing they wont have a warranty.