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Journeyman III

wiped my PC - now I have RAMPANT issues with games

Little bit of info about the hardware before the lovely poo sandwich that is my gaming experience.

MOBO- msi 470a pro
CPU - i5 10600k 4.1ghz usually running at 5.4ghz (clocked back to 4.1ghz to fix issues ((nope))
GPU - msi rx480 4gb
RAM - x2 DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 8gb 3200mhz (don't remember oc on the ram)
Storage - SSD 2tb & 500gb

now to the absolutely soul flaying experiences since i wiped pc
Valhiem would boot maybe 1 or 2 times out of literal 100 attempts would run lovely once able to luck the boot
----the issue was it would black screen after going from title to main menu
--all display wouldn't recognize (audio would still play in background)
-community said oc was likely the bit that's dragging my Viking survival sim dreams to Valhalla (still had problem once i changed to default clock)

so, i wiped the entire rig!
now even with everything (drivers and windows all getting their lovely appropriate updates)
Valhiem does indeed launch! sadly it runs at a blistering 3-5fps at title->main menu if that...making the game inoperable.

that's just the start though lads!!!
now when i boot Jurassic World Evo2 it blacks out like Valhiem with little or no info on the crash
Minecraft Dungeons i now get an error saying DirectX11 feature level 10 needed 

there are others but this most  certainly help grease the wheels of my salvation!!
bless you
thanks for the assumed participation 

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Volunteer Moderator

Those are some rather old parts in your computer, and you were overclocking the CPU in the past from what you are saying.  I think you should do some testing specific to the CPU to determine if it is completely functional.  Then I would focus on the DDR4 RAM, which you were overclocking too.  Some memory testing is in order.  Basically, I am suggesting functional testing of the hardware before going further into the operating system or driver issues.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

PC diagnostic flow charts work well with older systems. Check out one of those. Some are specific to your issues