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When is AMD or Nvidia going to launch a GPU worth buying?

I had a 5700XT

AMD's 6600 costs the same, but is slower

6700XT cost way more, but only offers only slightly more performance

3070 is cheaper and faster than 6700XT, but neither is hugely better than old gen 5700XT which was way cheaper

6800/6900(XT) are not available or when are, cost over a thousand

7900XT has terrible pricing compared to awful raytracing performance and only model available has reference cooling with issues

7900XTX is expensive, RT performance is not great and no models are available at any price. Even the ones available have reference cooling with issues

AMD seems to have problems with multiple monitors, video playback and overlays.

4080 is way too expensive for what it offers, but are available

4090 is a halo product, but despite all odds, seems like the only even distantly viable option and are available

This situation is not caused by crypto mining, this situation is not caused by scalpers.

This AMD and Nvidia waving a middle finger at gamers and users.

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It's a bit disappointing. I'm still suffering with an RX570, because I don't have $400+ CAD for a GPU. The 6600s are all gone. The 6500XTs, are for all intents and purposes, trash and I'm better off sticking with the 570.

I am curious about your opinion on the 5700 vs 6600. I keep seeing 5700s pop up on the local buy & sell, but guys are asking around $300CAD for one. 

Performance over Pretty.

I would rather have 5700XT than 6600


Indeed.  The 4070 Ti is also a bad option.  At $799 it is still slower in a lot of games than the $899 7900 XT which itself gives up a ton of performance to the $999 7900 XTX.  


You can often find deals for the 6900 XT in the $650 range.   Probably the best deal running at the moment.



>You can often find deals for the 6900 XT in the $650 range.

Cheapest available is 899€ 😞


What about AMD direct?  The 6950 is $799 on there currently.


Just went and checked. When entering, I had to reply multiple times to question, are you a robot. Then it mentioned something about a waiting list, but apparently that does not apply anymore or is not available in my case.


Would be great to get an XTX, but they are not available anywhere close to where I live, I just have to get what is available. I have not had an Nvidia GPU for maybe ten years, but unless something changes fast... I am not going to use this igpu forever...


your going from 5700xt / 6600 to 7900xtx / 4090 ... what do you need exactly ? just buying or do you have needs ?

i just sold my 6900xt oc at 650 euro with some guarantee left ... maybe check on second hand market if you want not to spend too much instead of wanting things that won't happen lol


I had a 5700XT, would like to get a clear improvement in performance and also be able to run raytraced games just to see how they are in reality. If it was only about what I actually need, I was quite a happy camper with 5700XT, but had promised a long time a go to give to someone and  when 7900XTX was released, finally decided to do it assuming there would be at least some availability. 

Unfortunately where I live, second hand market is almost non-existent and what little is available, people selling them seem to still live in crypto-scalper-era trying to sell old GPU's at higher than MSRP.

A couple of examples of pricing here (new stuff):

- 7900XTX not available at all. Asking price for non-existing products 1350€-1500€ (about the same as 4080)
- 7900XT practically not available ~1100-1300€
- 4070 Ti (surprisingly disappointing performance in reviews) 1100-1200€ and are available now
- 4090 ~2050€ and are available.


But my question to AMD is, why are there no 7900XTX:s available? I asked stores and they all told, that they simply don't get them. Maybe a handful a week. That is ridiculous. Meanwhile there is plenty of availability with Nvidia, unlike during crypto-mining and scalpers.


mmh i see merc 310 available for weeks now , and i got my asus mba from another little shop ...

sure i payed way more than msrp , but it was written ... got to be patient if want to pay good price , as usual


Not here though... And when there were a couple of 7900XT's available, they were about 1300€ and 4080 is 1500, so even if I had bought something, a regular XT should really not be even close to that expensive.


Interesting.  Here in the states the 7900 XT is available everywhere much like the RTX 4080 and 4070 Ti.


The 7900 XTX and RTX 4090 appear to be the GPUs everyone is after.


yeah the available xfx 7900 xtx merc are coming from Portugal here ...


I agree with you. That said, here's a link to showing some available 68xx/69xx/79xx cards. The prices aren't happy ones:,498,524,547,548&X=100,1056000&sort=price&page=1 


Thanks, but when I chose my country, opened link which said "In stock". When I went to their page, it said "Coming soon" just as it has ever since release. Also tried searching from Amazon and pricing in Europe simply seems terrible - availability too. Cheapest price I could find is 750€ from 6800XT. At this point this really should not be that much. Still.. have to consider even this as an option.


GPU market is still broken but I fear that this may be the new reality. 😣

Its not only with GPU's, its happening with everything, including boards AND smartphones!

I got lucky, I snatched a RoG Strix RX6800 from Amazon (quite a while ago) roughly at MSRP (RoG MSRP not the reference card)
Although... I got it from Amazon Deals, still, it has warranty just like new. The only thing was the damaged box.. I can live with that. Accessories, cable ties, goodies, they were all there in brand new shape.

I put out a video sometime ago to help people finding these amazon deals as they have warranty like new. Its not a lottery as you would have with second hand goods, facebook marketplace or ebay. I very used to buying things way from Amazon to save money, last time was a iRobot Braava Jet for 120€ instead of 220€

=Now back to topic=

The 6750XT is the last best card you can get for a good price as it can mostly match the 3070.
Local Stores here in Portugal are on this price range, my brother also got lucky and bought a 6750XT for 409€ during Black Friday.


Since local retailers still have RDNA2 on the shelves, they are not gonna sell 7900XT/XTX lower than the 6950XT, don't expect them to drop yet, even if AMD slashes the MSRP. 6800XT can still be seen here at 700€ 

With all this said, not sure where we are going. A flagship motherboard was around 500€ now its almost 1000€
Even B650 chipset boards are hitting the 350-400€ mark

People will soon find console gaming more appealing and affordable.

Just my 2cents as always.

The Englishman

On the other side of that, the elevated market does also increase the prices of previous generation GPUs.  That allows users to sell used RX 6000 and RTX 3000 series GPUs for a decent return which greatly mitigates the upgrade cost.  Of course, if you don't upgrade frequently, that goes out the window.


Last time i saw people sell their old gpu they sold it for dirt then those gpu's got resold for old msrp price then even higher then msrp, while new gpu's got sold for 2-3 times more then msrp sometimes even more.

Still woried about chip depression hitting soon, im just gonna keep my old gpu even if its a brick essentially due driver problems AMD has created.


Its really not worth buying gpu right now with both AMD and Nvidia having driver issues, almost feels like they intentionally sabotage their drivers so people think their gpu is dying so they all buy new gpu's

amd driver generally improve performance with time .. i don't think what you describe is the case for amd as i have different gpu from different generations .. (rx 550, 570 , 6600 , 7900xtx)

all i see is maybe some problems with multiple monitors with different frequency ... i work on 2 4k dp 60hz monitors and game on a 4k 60hz monitor and don't have any issue since i got my 7900xtx mba, everything is perfectly fine in that kind of use, for the rest just check new drivers logs and "known issues" to see if you are concerned ...


We know Apple does that. Hopefully that is not happening.

Journeyman III

Honestly I can understand some of the price increase with inflation and some ongoing supply chain issues, so I personally don't think AMD prices are THAT far off. I would be content with a 10% price decrease across the board. For Nvidia that would need to be at least 15% for me though. 

In a perfect world the RDNA3 prices would match the RDNA2 prices, but they still need to sell their RDNA2 stock for a while. 


The problem isn't with prices overall.  the top tier products prices haven't really changed.  The 7900 XTX costs $999, which is exactly what the 6900 XT cost when it launched.  Also, the RTX 4090 is $1599 which is only a $100 increase of the MSRP of the RTX 3090 which launched at $1499.

The problem is the product stack behind those behind cards.  A 6800 XT was about 23% slower than a 6900 XT, but was 35% cheaper at $650 vs $1000.  The 7900 XT is likewise about 20% slower than the 7900 XTX, but it is only 10% cheaper.  At that price, it doesn't make sense to buy a 7900 XT.  The RTX 4070 has the same issue.  At the reference price of $799 it might be worth it, but with partner only models, most are in the $900 range.  At that price, you might as well just get a 7900 XTX which will be over 20% faster on average in all raster games.

Even the RTX 4080 at $1199, you have to pay $200 over the XTX price to get a card that is actually slower is raster performance on average.  Sure, it is faster in games that leverage ray tracing or DLSS3 with Reflex, but slower in almost every other scenario.   That makes it hard to justify an extra $200.  The partner models go even north of $1199, which brings them close to reference RTX 4090 pricing without anywhere near the performance. 


Right now, the only cards in the product stack that make any sense are the RTX 4090 and the 7900 XTX.  The pricing on the 4080 should probably drop to $999 so it is a trade off with the XTX.  The XT and 4070 Ti should likely drop down the stack.  But for some reason, the prices remain so close to superior products that it makes no sense to buy them.

It is easy to see why EVGA got out of the NVidia business.  There is no pricing room to build a better card and charge a premium before running into the next reference model.