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Journeyman III

Which are the best gaming controller brands?

I have been looking for gaming controllers like gamepads and consoles. I would like to know which brands are the best to buy from.

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Journeyman III

Some of the top gaming controllers brands are Logitech, Mad Catz Global Ltd., Microsoft, Nintendo and Razer Inc. These are some of the prominent players who are reigning the gaming controllers market. They offer advanced and latest gaming hardware.

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My favorite controller for PC would be the standard wired Xbox 360 controller; just connect to your PC no software needed, ergonomics design, dual vibration, and best of all it sells for around ~$25

Xbox wired or wireless controller for me. No complaints and agree with @blazek , the ergonomic design is top notch.

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Hey  @JohnRachel07 - I have a few thoughts and I think there are a few things are to consider here. Budget and games you'll be playing. 

If you're willing to throw in a little extra cash - I recommend  PlayStation controllers. They're totally customizable, and you can get joystick mods to make them higher if you need. (great for FPS games)

Now if you wanna just have a quick solve, I really like Xbox controllers in general too and you can find them pretty much anywhere! 

Hope this helps - here if you have any other questions! 🙂 

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SCUF controllers seem interesting, but pricier than sony/microsoft

Anymore thoughts about SCUF controllers, @joebangles ? Wondering because I love the customization options but am unsure about their overall quality, etc.

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Ah @Ashley_AMD -- wish I had the cash to try one out TBH! They look pretty cool and I do play at least one FPS -- I use M&K for that, but  I haven't dropped down the $$ to buy even an Xbox, let alone the $$+ for a scuf controller... need a sudden cash windfall 😂!


I have been using the original version of the Xbox Elite controller with the wireless adapter for years.  Nothing to complain about.


For PC gaming the Microsoft Xbox Series X/S controller with a Bluetooth adapter is one of the best controllers you can get. The build quality is superb, it's reasonably priced and it's also the most compatible controller out there; game developers usually assume that is the controller you'll be using. That said, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is superb as well and works on PCs with Bluetooth or through the included USB cable. The only problem is it lacks analog triggers, which may be an issue for driving games.


If you're on a budget, the Rock Candy Xbox controllers are okay. The sticks aren't the best, but they're still decent enough. The overall build quality is okay, but they are light and made of a cheap hard plastic. It doesn't affect their usability at all, but it does give them a cheap feel.

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Here are some best gaming controllers you can choose-

1. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. The best wireless gaming controller.

2. PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced. Best budget PC controller.

3. Xbox Wireless Controller. The most reliable gamepad.

Journeyman III

PowerA, the mini is basically the best controller for small hands and competitive play




I personally use an 8Bitdo controller, best feeling 3rd party controller I've used since I used a Logitech controller in the PS2 days. The 8Bitdo I use is great for platformers and great for any type of game really. I use the SN30 pro which is basically a SNES controller with nice feeling analogue sticks and bumpers/triggers. IIRC it also has Gyro as an option so if you play shooters on Steam and want some of the best accuracy then this should also be a good option, although I haven't tried that out so don't quote me on it. 🙂 The Switch Pro controller is good for PC, any of the modern Xbox controllers, PS4 and PS5 controllers are great for PC, There are also PS2 controller adapters for PC and I know many still use their PS2 controllers. So you have plenty of solid options.


I personally love my Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller.  It's USB-C (long C to A cable included), Bluetooth or Xbox wireless dongle.  Comes with a hard shell case, magnetic dock that can be removed from the case, an extra D-pad, thumb sticks, and a tool for tightening the tension on your thumb sticks.  It also has paddles on the bottom that you can reprogram to be your XYAB buttons, or whatever button you want it to be.  Same is true for all of the other buttons. 

You can save up to three profiles on the controller, which means if you play games where you can share a controller to play you can have three different people playing on the same controller with their own button mappings. This can be done via the Xbox Accessories app.  It does have to be turned on and either docked or plugged in directly to update though.

I don't know if it's PlayStation compatible.  I don't use consoles personally.  However, it is of course compatible with the Xbox both One and Series.  So if you also play on an Xbox it is great for that as well.  That said, if you can get it to connect to a PlayStation, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use one of your profiles to map a configuration similar to Sony's.

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Most importantly stick with what you like best.  Meaning if you really like X Box controllers...then only consider brands that mimic them.  Or if it's Playstation then obviously.  I haved played with both.  And I am a 100% supporter that X Box controllers are better for 1st person shooters.  Since I find it naturally easier to slide off the analog in a downward motion, vs upwards with Playstation.  But everyone is not built the same.  That being said brands:


Microsoft Elite***

Gamestop (They have or used to have a GameStop approved brand)


***I am an exception to the norm.  I will say that one more time and explain.  I am an exception to the norm.  I have very hot hands. On my Microsoft Elite controller 1st edition, they glued parts on the outside to help you grip.  If they are still doing this and you are an exception ... be warned the glue will fail due to your hot hands.  And those parts will come off... so sad am I.  I have even melted the tops of the analog's.


  Finally in the end get what fits the bill perfectly.  The controller should never be a gray area, it should be in your top 3 important things in your gaming system.





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