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1440p and 1080p Monitors on one GPU?

I have the Red Devil RX 6700 XT, with a MSI B550 MAG Tomahawk, and a Ryzen 5 5600x, and a Acer Nitro XZ series 165hz 1440p monitor. I was wondering with my build can i add a 1080p monitor? Will that put to much load on my GPU? Can my GPU handle that? Thanks


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If you combine 2 monitors into one, then yes, the performance will drop (in fact, it will be like on one in 4k), if used as an additional one for monitoring or just for open tabs in the browser, there is no word at all, on one you play the second one just shows the desktop or any information, I will lose from 100mb of video memory in (what will be on the second monitor)

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Hi, @Chato_v2 Welcome to Red Team! 

I haven't run two monitors in a long while, that said, I'm pretty sure your RX 6700XT will handle it. 

I'm assuming you'll play games on one monitor and use the other for streaming, browsing, etc. so there shouldn't much of a load on your GPU. Don't forget, be sure to update your driver! 😉


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Yeah, I love 1440p for gaming, but being only a year back into PC still learning a ton and noticing some things that people talk about for FPS. As mentioned, I play on 1440p and was thing about getting a 1080p 240hz just for gaming, and my Acer monitor will be basically my TV lol