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How to know if my Asrock 6700xt is legit?

Hi everyone.

I'm super excited because I just got my 6700xt in the mail, it's the Asrock challenger OC edition. However, the packagin looks kind of suspicious. There's no sealing stickers anywhere (you can just pull the little strip and open the box), the static bag isn't sealed, it's just folded and held with a "careful with static while installing" sticker, and the printing on the box isn't as top notch as I'm used to seeing in the boxes of newer GPUs.

Is there a way of checking the card's authenticity? Either by looking at the hardware or doing a check through software



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yes, Open a ASRock Support ticket and give them your ASRock GPU card serial number from the GPU card itself and not from the packaging.

ASRock can confirm if that Serial Number is authentic and probably if it is a used or new GPU or if it had been turned in before for repairs etc  and if it is the correct Serial Number for your GPU card model.

From the way you describe the packaging it is possible someone opened the package and replaced your new GPU with another one or it might be a fake.

EDIT: Forgot to mention is see if the GPU Card Serial Number matches the one from the packaging if it has one like on a sticker.

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What site did you use to purchase it?

To verify authenticity

  • You could look at the serial number and verify with ASRock customer service.
  • Also GPU-Z can identify the card and show what VBios is installed.

I would install the GPU drivers from AMD and go to the performance tab, tuning, select custom and turn off zero rpm mode. Then I would run benchmarks, like the free ones available in the free version of 3DMark, and compare to others results with the same GPU.

My Gigabyte RX 6800 XT Gaming OC box seemed to be a little lower quality than previous GPU I have purchased and I verified with Gigabyte that it is authentic by doing the above. 

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Yep check with manufacturer. I’d install it load drivers and test it out. 

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