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Any complaints with blue tooth mouse.

Every time I want to enter the BIOS with a blue tooth mouse and keyboard your simply SOL.

The keyboard is the main device since you have to press the DEL key to enter the BIOS.  

My keyboard and mouse on this computer are not cheap or off brand names so rule that out.

The computer does not recognize blue tooth until after it reads the BIOS, I guess.  That is the only logical reason I can think of. 

I simply plug in  an extra USB keyboard and go about my business.  

I don't have a problem entering the BIOS on my laptop, but I still don't have a mouse unless I plug in a USB mouse.

Any comments or suggestions or comments.  

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Big Boss

Bluetooth devices wont work on BIOS unless it natively supports it. Its like when USB first appeared and some systems needed an old PS/2 keyboard to go to BIOS. 

The Englishman
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I heard a news from one of my friends that there is a minor delay present with Bluetooth/Wireless mouse, response time less than a Wired Mouse is it true ?

I have 2 systems on Bluetooth and haven't noticed much of a difference with USB wireless mice or standard USB cabled mice.  In fact, I feel that it is significantly better than any USB wireless mouse.  However, I have an MSI D300 USB cabled mouse on my desktop and it will significantly outperform any of the other mice.

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Normally between two identical mouse, Bluetooth will have an increased latency, not too much to be perceivable unless you are at competition level. Wifi will be lot better than bluetooth and finally wired will be the Best. But this is in a perfect world. Then theres polling rate, quality of the switches and so on. A high quality mouse will feel faster than a wired lower budget.

Where you will notice Bluetooth latency more, is with cheap headsets. 

I will do a test when i get the chance. I have dual connection mouse from Dell. Bluetooth vs 2.4 Wireless. 

The Englishman

I came here to also mention that there could be a delay from being wireless. I've always avoided them just in case for gaming purposes. So I would say it depends on what you'll use it for most or if you really care about that! 🙂 

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Hey Amber; received your package today and just wanted to say THANK YOU. 

Now I agree with you 100% on the wireless mice.  They are not for gaming at all, unless you like getting annihilated.  As I commented in one of my previous posts, I have an MSI DS300, of which I don't think they make them anymore.  Just for curiosity I tried the the highest DPI settings it will do 8200.  How do you keep control of the mouse at that speed.  I was reading a post earlier today and someone posted that he was running his mouse at 16000!  I didn't get this mouse for gaming though, I wanted to go the other direction for photoshop editing and need the slow to slower settings when dealing with photos on the pixel level.  So my number 1 setting is on 100, then it ramps up to 2000 in setting 4.  

The nice part about the blutetooth is that of convenience.

Oh! My wife latched onto the mousepad you sent me ... instantly.  Thanks again.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

You're so very welcome, @Vynski ! I'm so glad the package had something your wife was excited about too 🙂 

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I never had good luck using Bluetooth on my old work laptop. The mouse and keyboard would sporadically disconnect. So eventually reverted back to wireless. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think the BIOS has anything to do with it as I believe Bluetooth is run by its own driver via the OS. 

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You are correct 🙂 BIOS wont have that driver support like the OS. Ive seen one rate instance that did support Bluetooth but you had to pair it inside BIOS, even if you had it paired in the same machine inside windows. 

The Englishman