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Rdna3 graphics with zen 3 processor!!!

hello I have a ryzen 9 5900x! I’m thinking about holding out on ryzen 7000 processor’s. I have heard from multiple people that my ryzen 9 5900x should be good enough to run the new cards. I just want to see how many people agree. I mean I see people running 3080 on ryzen 7 2700x/ryzen 9 3900x doing fine! I don’t see why ryzen 9 5900x should be just enough to get me a decent upgrade without going full next gen!

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Your 9 5900x will be more than fine to run the new RDNA 3 line. You'll know for sure after their announcement on Nov 3rd. So if you don't NEED to make any changes now, you might as well wait for then.

However, if you want to upgrade to the Ryzen 7000s then you absolutely can. However, I really don't think you need to upgrade.

That is one of the great things about AMD, their products have a long usage life. 

I'm still running a 7 2700x and am super happy with it!

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That is awesome to hear yea I thought so what card are you running with your 7 2700x?


If it helps anything. 

I'm too running a 2700X paired with the RoG Strix RX6800

Doing amazingly well so far. 

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Also have the 5900x and think it will be compatible.

o7 in local

2700x here with 6700xt strix (1.7kg strix is beast) but for 1920x1080 resolution gpu is often at 70-80% when I play games so I plan to go for 5900x or 5950x or 5800x3d so I can get max from gpu but some games already have fps problems on 1920x1080 resolution. If you use monitor with higher resoultion like 2560x1440 impact of cpu is lower so there is no need for better cpu.

Well if you have extra money why not, upgrade is always good.