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OpenGL & Vulkan

Adept II

Vulkan tearing/V-sync issues

Ok this is an issue that bothers me for a long time and it's still not fixed.

When you use the AMD Vulkan driver on Windows while having vsync on I still get tearing.

I tried to talk to various developers who said that the issue is a driver issue and specific to dual GPU laptops.

I also got an Intel UHD 620 GPU and it does not exhibit visible tearing when I force games to use it.

The tearing is really visble and horrible to look at.

On Linux with the RADV driver and even with the AMDVLK driver I dont either dont notice the tearing or it's not there.

I also opened an issue on the AMDVLK github repo here : V-sync broken on dual GPU laptops · Issue #182 · GPUOpen-Drivers/AMDVLK · GitHub 

Please if there is something that I could do to fix it please tell me.

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