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Vulkan Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback extensions on AMD GPUs


If I understand correctly to post this in "OpenGL & Vulkan" I have to be whitelisted, below is what I want to post, can I ask to be whitelisted or maybe moderator can just automagicaly paste this discussion in aforementioned board?

I'm currently learning Vulkan, marketed as this cross-platform and cross-vendor magic API, and I wanted to use all bells and whistles, to get accustomed with them. But from my understanding even though AMD hardware supports Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback on Directx 12 Ultimate, it doesn't have any extensions that do the same on Vulkan side. Nvidia has "VK_NV_shader_image_footprint" and "VK_NV_mesh_shader", but AMD doesn't support similar extensions. Nvidia has full support for Vulkan 1.3, and AMD has only beta support.

It seems to me as if AMD is treating Vulkan as second-class API, it even got to the point that non-official drivers on Linux (MESA) had added crude support for "VK_NV_mesh_shader".

So here is my question, can someone in-the-know or AMD say something about possible support for these features, even something slender as "There are plans to support it" or "We are working on it"? Or is it more of a "We won't comment on this so maybe they will stop asking and caring"?

It pains me because of such small things, Nvidia is winning in GPU market, not because AMD is making bad products, but because developers are seeing the state of affairs, and are saying "Ah, screw it, we will optimise for Nvidia, unless AMD pays us"

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Re: Vulkan Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback extensions on AMD GPUs

Hi @Hisamera ,

I have whitelisted you and moved the post to the Vulkan forum.



Re: Vulkan Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback extensions on AMD GPUs

Hi Hisamera,

Thanks for your question and for supporting AMD. We definitely don't treat Vulkan as a second class API.

As for those features specifically, we don't plan on supporting the NV extensions, but we're actively engaged in discussions on the most forward looking way to implement a unified version of this feature, and we do plan on supporting it in the future.

Our approach aligns with the feedback given in this comment:

Let us know if there are any other questions, and thanks again for being so passionate about AMD,