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OpenGL & Vulkan

Journeyman III

Vulkan VK_KHR_push_descriptor extension on windows?

Looking at the reports on it seems like AMD GPUs still don't support the VK_KHR_push_descriptor extension on windows. Having this extension would be great, as it reduces the friction of setting up descriptors as we no longer need to manage allocation of descriptors in fixed size pools.

Is there any plans for this to be included in windows vulkan drivers? This extension is already available with the linux drivers, so it isn't a hardware issue at least. Push descriptors is an official khronos extension from more than 4 years ago now and it still is not implemented.

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Hey Lot,

We have withheld from implementing this extension as it encourages legacy behavior. It is indeed available in non-AMD drivers that run on AMD hardware on Linux, but is not available in our official driver. We are evaluating our stance on this extension, but have no other news to share at this time.

Thanks for your question,