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Oh Nvidia... DLSS 3.0 out of reach

Looks like DLSS 3.0 wont be available to 20 and 30 series cards. At least for now.

What a money grab mr. Jensen the Jacket Man. 

Im even seeing 10 series users extending the life of those cards with FSR.

Im telling you, if it wasnt a sweet deal on the RX6800 I had. The FSR plus RX480 would still be my salvation in some late games. 

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@johnnyenglish wrote:

Im even seeing 10 series users extending the life of those cards with FSR.

I am one of those users.

Much thank you to amd team.

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If i didn't get a good deal on my 6900 xt id be rocking my 1080ti and id be very happy with it. amazing card


This was probably one of the most surprising things (other than the ridiculous price) to come out of the Green Annoucnement. 

So many people are just now starting to buy the 3000 series cards, due to supply and pricing. So to come out with the 4000 series in such a way that you practically are telling people that your last gen isn't even worth it, is so insulting to a HUGE portion of your user base.

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Still waiting for proper support for tech like SAS (smart access storage), Direct Storage, etc.

I'm truly unconcerned with new tech like DLSS 3.0 at this moment.

My main display is UHD, 144fps, and from my perspective you very very clearly see all of the upscaling techs fail at maintaining fidelity.

From my perspective all they are saying to me is

"this card is still not powerful enough to actually run UHD Native at acceptable FPS so take this sucker in the mean time, be quiet and give us some cash so we can work on next gen which will get 40 native fps instead of 23, and then maybe in 3-4 years after most professional displays have moved on to 24 bit 7680 x 4320, you'll finally get to run UHD native 120fps on then modern AAA titles"

Give me raw power. I'm tired of the failing promised software gimmicks that require dev-side implementation to work.

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I dont remember ever getting anything new as gtx 1080 user while 780 and 980 did get new stuff, Nvidia became greedy and lack competition not a fan of AMD either but i rather settle for AMD then Nvidia broken messed up experience.