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Big Boss

EVGA left the game....

Still watching as it all over the tech tubers.

The Englishman
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I heard about that.  Will they be on sale now?

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Proably not untill every other similar products do.

o7 in local

I saw both Jay's and Gamers Nexus review right before I went to work. I was sad most of the shift. EVGA I feel was one of the better consumer friendly GPU AIB's out there. My first discrete graphics card came from them. Really unbelievable and a end of an era.

Not gon' hold you though, I think Dr. Su should toss some buckets EVGA way to help change their mind. I doubt it would work anyway. EVGA doesn't want to burn that Nvidia bridge completely, lol.

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EVGA's rather unique in that they both supply GPUs and PSUs. In my opinion, there's a likely some insight they have leading to this decision influenced by that. Issues presumably around the upcoming PSU 3.0 standard which is pushing safety margins in most homes in North America, and perhaps other concerns that need to be focused on that we are not yet privy to.

The CEO's moral objections/honourable intentions/claims aside, first and foremost this appears to me to be a business decision from a successful company. I think EVGA needs to ensure its cash cow is in good health for the foreseeable future since PSUs make up the large percentage of their profit margins. As they've stated they do not intend to lay off their engineers this implies to me that they intend to cannibalize their GPU team to collaborate with the PSU team to address those concerns. At least in the short term.

Will be very interesting to see how this actually plays out and just how far off or close my assumptions are

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When I first saw the news I didn't even click it thinking that it's a troll article. It's a L for Nvidia fs, EVGA is an excellent company.

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Sad really, such a great brand such as EVGA; they made top tier cards.. I've had to RMA with them twice over the past 15 yerars and they went above and beyond to replace the hardware. Great CS.

Asus/MSI never want to know.

I hope they can survive without 80% of their revenue.

I hope they can work with AMD.


I can vouch for CORSAIR and ASUS. They went really well for me. Powercolor forget it. 

The Englishman