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I'm a BIG RoG Fan But... - A Polite OFF TOPIC RANT

Hey everyone,
first I would like to say that I feel almost like between friends here in this community. With that in mind I would like to share with you guys my adventure for today..
Oh boy, it surely was 4 hours of fun.

This topic is not so much as a RANT but more like an advice on how you should handle "bad things" with your expensive computer. 

You should keep calm and DO YOUR TROUBLESHOOTING, I understand that not every problem is the same but don't Panic, your computer smells fear. LOL


So what happened?

ASUS Armoury Crate is a big pile of.. problems and complaints. Just check their forum and facebook. They even have a dedicated thread for Armoury Crate problems.


I had my fair share of problems and you should know that every brand has issues, that doesn't mean they are the worthless.

So today when I powered up my computer and was about to take some snaps for RiG of the month which I never participated. Throne QI crashed and so all the RoG devices with it. RGB stopped working as well as vital functions, fan control, Ai Noise cancelling, thermal sensors report, settings and much more. 
OK, lets power cycle it, should be enough. No it wasn't.
OK, lets power cycle the whole computer. Nah..
Well, system restore works great when armoury crate is being an A**. But no, Strike 3 on the troubleshooting. You're OUT!

Could be the update that got corrupted, lets do them again. OK we have RGB light on, but the throne is not working and although I can reach other devices I can't control RGB.

Time to fire other computers up. its always good to have a spare computer around for your troubleshooting, sometimes its hardware and you won't go anywhere.

Ok, after a tedious install, Throne is OK, lets plug others, they are ok. Its software not hardware.

So what is our options in the main system:

Uninstall? Didn't work but luckily ASUS does have a Clean Tool like DDU for their software.

After another tedious uninstall/install and lots of forced updates, c'mon ASUS, I hate forced updates. Things got back to normal, at least I think they are, just finished this process now.

Don't give up, search, read, ask for help on the forums and do Your TROUBLESHOOTING. This is valid for everything!

Moral of the story
You don't need to go online and share your hate, normally, no one cares. But if you ask for help, lots of people will at least give you a hand or point you up in a good direction. Its a community after all.

For me, I'll continue picking up RoG products but the forced update policy they have is the WORST! Recently, they altered the policy to allow older versions of the Armoury Crate and skip updates but at the device level its still pretty much DO IT or they won't work. Other companies do this too, UBER EATS stopped working on my older phone and I didn't wanted to install it on the work phone. Its a forced update with a bonus of "programed obsolescence". (but that's another topic for another day)

Funny pic of the day. Why is Armoury Crate so bad?
NVIDIA software.. c'mon..... 🤣



The Englishman
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