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Interests Outside PCs and Gaming?

If anyone’s noticed, my last few posts have been relatively personal and somewhat off-topic in terms of AMD/PCs. That’s because as the newest on the Community Management team alongside @Sam_AMD and @Amber_AMD, I’m just trying to get to know you all!

So, I’m back with another off-topic discussion with that in mind. I’d love to know what y’all are into outside of PCs and/or gaming! Chatting with @GreatnessRD the other day, I learned he was a Baltimore Ravens fan, so that helped spark the idea of this conversation.

I’m a big NBA fan (San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls are my teams), but I also enjoy most other sports in some capacity. Tennis is one that I played growing up and still try to keep up with in terms of the professional scene nowadays, and I’ve slowly started getting into bouldering at climbing gyms. I also really love collecting and listening to vinyl.

A Spurs/Grizzlies game I went to a few years back. I try to go to a game at least one game a season!A Spurs/Grizzlies game I went to a few years back. I try to go to a game at least one game a season!

So what’s everyone else into? Sports? Movies? Cooking? Music (playing an instrument or collecting records, etc.)? Recreational activities? I’d love to know!

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It's just LEGO Amber. 

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Getting back into the car 'hobby'. Found a great deal on a Mustang that hopefully I'll keep (my 4th one in less than 4 years).  I have my Ryzen plates on my daily driver, so I need ideas for vanity plates for my Mustang. I'm limited to 7 characters.  I thought of Radeon, but that would be too easy.  I can't transfer the Ryzen plates to my Mustang, so I have to come up with something new. IMG_1438.JPG
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Love the new car!! Don't get into too much trouble.

What about "REDT3AM" for the new license plate hehe. 🙂 

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That's not a bad idea. I'll have to check with the Ohio BMV to see if it's available. I have to wait until I receive the memorandum  title before I can order plates.

Now that's a sweet ride!!!

That looks more like a Threadripper

T-RIPPER? I'm not familiar with US plates, sorry..

The Englishman

In North America you're limited to 7 or 8 characters, depending on the jurisdiction. 

Performance over Pretty.

Limited to 7 in Ohio. I can have 1 or 2 spaces and that's it.  It also has to pass their filter. Some ideas have tripped the filter and I have no idea why. I just got my memorandum title in the mail, so I can order my plates now.  Still not sure if I want to make it tech related or car related........


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To be clear, I don't think Intel "sux", and I'm enjoying my 12700K very much, but if you're a big AMD fan, it might work:)


This is a great forum thread!  👍

I'm interested in a lot of things.  Studied History at College for a couple of years but jumped ship halfway because of health problems.  In my country education is free, also at higher levels like College and University, so I didn't lose any money by quitting.  I hadn't planned to use a degree to anything anyway, I was just interested in History.

As for sports, I watch all I can of cross-country skiing.  It's the only sport I'm interested in watching on TV.  Maybe it's because it's our national sport.  It's always nice to see our guys and gals win.  The other nations say we destroy the sport because we win too much but then we reply that they must simply train harder.  😅

Otherwise I have too many interests and hobbies, and not time for half of them I'm afraid.  But it's better than not having any hobbies I guess.

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I almost got a minor in History (while in college), but went for Math instead. I always enjoyed history, especially the WWI and WWII era as well as early civilizations. 

About the OP, one of my favorite hobbies is building plastic model kits, specifically airplanes from the cold war era. I'm building an F-16CJ [BLOCK 50] Falcon by Tamiya. It's by far one the best kits I've ever built. I'll be sure to share some pictures with you all later's work in'll see! 

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Sam, do you ever watch the Dark Skies Youtube channel?  That's my current addiction.  Lots of videos on various warplanes throughout history, and tons of WWII planes.
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I enjoy listening to music, especially vinyl LPs with system that uses valve phono stage and valve poweramp.

Awesome! I love collecting vinyl. What kind of set up are you using? 

I'm no expert by any means, so when I started collecting, I picked up a U-Turn Orbit Plus table to start off, with a Pro-Ject Phono Box and a Yamaha R-S202BL Reciever. I'm slowly working towards another setup and purchased a Technics SL-D3 at an estate sale for $80 (great condition, just needed a cleaning. 

Excited to see how that setup turns out in the next year or two!

I've got Fluance speakers, an Audiotechnica AT-LP120, Inspire Fire-Bottle poweramp, and Bellari VP129. 

Nice gear you have! Good luck with the Technics. That's an awesome find.


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