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Adept I

Post Flooding

Saturday, 05/13/2023

After spending a couple of hours on my Saturday morning reviewing and contributing to a few posts, I was blocked with the following notice:

“Correct the highlighted errors and try again. Post flooding detected (user tried to post more than 6 messages within 21,600 seconds).”

Today, this octogenarian gent was auto-silenced because he tried to reply to more than six posts within 21,600 seconds? Really?  That’s six posts in six hours: too many? Post flooding?

Clearly, if such an AI cop is necessary, it bespeaks to me a community either infested by riffraff or one whose cornerstone is cynicism. It also urges that I am of an ilk, benign though I am, for whom there is no nexus here.

I honor the fact that we have a right to our respective realities. Mine is not yours so I will be taking my CPU and RAM and go play elsewhere.

My best to you all,


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Pretty sure that all of us have had to go through this at one point or another. A mod will most likely see this and correct it, or you can reach out to one of them and they can correct it. Simple fix.

Community Manager

Good morning @eebiii ! Thank you for your post. 

You are correct, the mods (including myself), can remove the Flood Control tool from anyone's profile, on the fly as long as we're notified or PM'ed. 

Hi @HMonk, nice to e-meet you! 

Let me know if you want me to remove the Flood Control Tool from your profile. By the way, the "tool" helps us fight spammers, we've been using it for a while to help us keep our forums as clean as possible. (We've had numerous spam attacks in the past, I hope you understand). 


Your biggest fan!
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