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Interests Outside PCs and Gaming?

If anyone’s noticed, my last few posts have been relatively personal and somewhat off-topic in terms of AMD/PCs. That’s because as the newest on the Community Management team alongside @Sam_AMD and @Amber_AMD, I’m just trying to get to know you all!

So, I’m back with another off-topic discussion with that in mind. I’d love to know what y’all are into outside of PCs and/or gaming! Chatting with @GreatnessRD the other day, I learned he was a Baltimore Ravens fan, so that helped spark the idea of this conversation.

I’m a big NBA fan (San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls are my teams), but I also enjoy most other sports in some capacity. Tennis is one that I played growing up and still try to keep up with in terms of the professional scene nowadays, and I’ve slowly started getting into bouldering at climbing gyms. I also really love collecting and listening to vinyl.

A Spurs/Grizzlies game I went to a few years back. I try to go to a game at least one game a season!A Spurs/Grizzlies game I went to a few years back. I try to go to a game at least one game a season!

So what’s everyone else into? Sports? Movies? Cooking? Music (playing an instrument or collecting records, etc.)? Recreational activities? I’d love to know!

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Are there other things to be interested in? What's "Outside"? Never been.... lol

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A live look at mengelag... 😂


This is why I knew we would be friends, @Wally_AMD I am also a Spurs fan. One of my biggest regrets in life was letting work get in the way of me seeing Tim Duncan when he played the Wizards in D.C a couple times. I still want to visit the AT&T center one of these days. (And for those keeping score, I'm a Ravens, Orioles and Spurs fan lol)

Since I don't watch a ton of TV these days, sports is all I have left even though now a day you can tell its big business and not for the love of the game. Baseball and Football were tied for my favorite sports with baseketball coming in 3rd, but they're all the same now. I just watch them because its nothing else left, lol.

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It's all been downhill since Duncan retired... we share that pain. 😅 As far as baseball goes, I'm an Astros fan (what a surprise, haha).

Hey Wally, Vynski here.  Got a MLB question for you and GreatnessRD.

I have always been a Cardinal fan, and for some reason I stayed up late and watched this game when this event happened.  That I'm aware of it had never happened in MLB until that night.

Who is the only MLB player to ever hit 2 grand slams in1inning?

I'll never forget it and could never understand why he never got due recognition for that feat.  Just the opportunity of having the chance is enormous.

Oh, don't quiz me like this! I'm a new-ish/bandwagon baseball fan and have only followed for the last 5-6 years. My fiancee's father was a big fan, so I started paying attention to have something to chat about him with 😂.

Two grand slams in one inning must've been a massacre. Batting around the order and loading bases twice... sounds like an UGLY game for the opposing team 🤣

if you haven't Googled it yet it was Fernando Tatis of the St. Louis Cardinals against the Dodgers.  And yes it was a massacre.


Good topic!

I always managed to get a good "computer/outside balance". 😋

I don't like watching sports, I'm more of a DO and DO NOT Watch. I know.. its strange, in my country everybody here loves watching our football (soccer) and I don't...
So I did a lot of sports when I was younger, so much that I've established to myself, its sports for a lifetime. 😅
My hard sport for nowadays is... Printer Life Cycle Management and boy, those HP multifunction's are heavy. 😑

Having said that, what really sparkles my interest outside computers is go outside and have some adventures.

I played Airsoft, Kayak & Rafting, one time parachuting and did some 1000m runs. (The younger me)

Outside of sports my main interest was being part of a car community and moderator for that forum.
Although the community fade away and most of them sold their cars.. ☹️  I still own mine proudly and its what I love to do, washing and polishing it whenever I can. Its relaxing for me. (the older me)

Finally.. as adventure goes, traveling around the world is my main interest now, although not much since 2020 😕 But I'll get back on it this year, maybe with Sweden.

One life objective is: I need to do the Route 66. In another car of course, but I would certainly love to do that with mine. 😁




The Englishman

I used to play airsoft with my friends growing up, and it was always a good time. Less painful than paintball, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing these great photos, and I hope you'll make that Route 66 trip one day! (Sweden is on our list of places to visit one day.)

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I love to go out to trails in the woods and just walk and look at the foliage. The fungi that grow out in the middle of nowhere are really photogenic at times and my friend that I usually take with me does photography, so we just wander the trails for a few hours a few times a week. 

I like to pretend I remember how to play guitar. It has been a long time, probably ten years or so, since I applied myself and learned a song that consisted of more than four chords. I'm not as fast with my hands as I was when I was a teenager, but I do want to get back into it and jam with my brother-in-law and my friends again. 

Other than those two things, I try to keep my options open and try new things whenever I can. I don't know what I am going to try next, but it is always a good time when I am with good company. 

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Love a good nature walk. That's actually something I want to get into doing more often, it's just so hot in Texas... I'm also slowly learning how to play guitar, and it's been really fun learning a few chords and pretending I know what I'm doing. 😆


Chelsea Football Club, supporter for over 50 years.

Motorbikes (Super Sports) Repsol CBR1000rr Fire Blade.

The one I just returned to after around 12 years, Darts (180).

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Talk about dedication to your team!


Well, partially Soccer in the second german league and Formula 1. Aside that, I am pretty much about general knowledge and tech related stuff. I like to know things, not be an expert, but be well aware of what was and what is about to come (maybe).

I also like Cinema, yeah the classic big screen, I simply love it.


I like to garden, currently trying to get peppers off of my Carolina Reaper plant and looking into starting a flower garden next year as a memorial for my passed bearded dragon. Also into photography, though I only have smartphone cameras, my main photo subject is my pets(rabbit, ball python, leopard gecko). I've also gotten into fine electronics work lately so I can modify the hell out of my mechanical keyboard.

pet tax:

Frida the leopard geckoFrida the leopard geckoScully, my nine year old ball pythonScully, my nine year old ball pythonRosa, a dwarf rabbitRosa, a dwarf rabbit

lets talk about rtbh99

And here I am thinking my one dog is awesome... (I mean, he is!) 


I'm into shooting (rifles).  I would like to spend more time doing that but reloading supplies are impossible to get now, so I have to cut back and keep the supplies that I do have left.

I have my own personal range on my farm.  I can shoot up to 300 yards from my barn and up to 900 yards from the front yard.

nice!  i have a .300 MRAD and love to shoot after corn harvest.  Ive stretched it out to 1000y.  I would love getting into reloading.  

Perhaps you need to check out one of my other forums

I haven't done the 1000 yds yet, only 800 with my WBY 304 Mag.  it's been 4 years since I've even shot that rifle of which I was shooting a 2" grouping at 400 yds.  I have a WBY Accubrake on it, and my Ruger Hawkeye 375 has whatever brake Ruger uses.  The 340 has quite a punch but th375 just flat out punishes you.  I was sighting in a scope about a year ago and shot 11 rounds through it.  After 10 rounds, I really didn't want to squeeze that trigger one more time.  I guess that is why that last round was a flyer.  Anyway, I love to shoot my rifles, all 7 of them.  However, you know the cost of the ammo with a 300 MRAD.  Reloaded 340 cartridges costs me almost $2.00/rd less brass, with new brass its over $5.00/rd, but that is still cheaper than manufactured @ $6.80/rd and I shoot 300gr MatchKing not 250gr.  So you can see with your 300 you can cut costs big time using fired brass, just don't over use the brass of high powered magnums (I only reload used brass 2-3 times depending on what I see during inspection).  There are also a lot of associated costs with reloading, like the press, dies, casing prep tools, scales, and time.

I hope you figured out that WBY doesn't make a 304 Mag and it was supposed to read WBY 340 Mag. 

I was just on the edge of buying a WBY 460 about a year ago and my wife talked me out of it.  My sisters and brothers asked me; "What are you going to shoot with that gun?", my response; "anything I want to shoot." 


I really enjoy cooking, that is probably my main hobby outside of Video Games right now.

I especially like to make elaborate dishes, I think I enjoy the challenge and coming out at the end with a successful dish that people can enjoy. 

My wife on the other hand, although she enjoys and supports my love for complicated dishes, she just wishes I didn't use so many pots/pans/plates and kept the kitchen cleaner hahahahaha.



Don't worry, I clean up my own mess.

I also am playing a lot of Tennis right now, I used to compete at a high level when I was in High School, even playing in tournaments across South East Asia. Unfortunately when I went to University and the final two years of High School I stopped playing altogether, and only just picked it back up about a year ago.

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I don't like sharing too much online because of privacy reasons. 🙂

Welcome to the AMD community @Wally_AMD 

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I used to be into motorcycles, but I quit riding a few years ago due to my right wrist issues (arthritis and related pain).  We formed a group with work friends called the WORMS (Washington Riders of Motorcycles) and many of us rode Harley Davidson motorcycles.  I had two Fatboys (both 2005), an Ultra Limited (2014) and even a chopper (2004).  It was lots of fun but age creeps up on you so watch out!  So, here are my rides, which have all been sold off as of July 2021:

The Hooter girls in Potomac Hooters, VAThe Hooter girls in Potomac Hooters, VAMy first 2005 Harley Fatboy.  This is up on Skyline Drive in Virginia.My first 2005 Harley Fatboy. This is up on Skyline Drive in Virginia.My second 2005 Harley Fatboy.  Once again, we're at the Hooters in Potomac, VAMy second 2005 Harley Fatboy. Once again, we're at the Hooters in Potomac, VAMy wife Sandra and our 2014 Harley Ultra Limited touring bike, here in Clifton, VAMy wife Sandra and our 2014 Harley Ultra Limited touring bike, here in Clifton, VA

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
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That's awesome man! toot bad about arthritis, must've been hard to get rid of those bikes!

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My Honda CBR 1000RR.. Or was, wish I still had it..


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I love PCs and Gaming, but I do have some hobbies outside of it. I like photography and I eventually want to get a DSLR (one day I can afford one). I also enjoy walking in the parks in the area since we have some amazing trails. I love swimming and do so every chance I get. I also love marketing which is why I chose it as my major in college. I can't wait to graduate and put my new skills to the test.

I quit doing photography when the digitals came out.  There was something about the 35mm that attracted me.  I still have my Yashica Electro 10 and Minolta 7000.  Both cameras were awesome.  I liked the Yashica best, the Minolta was more my wife's.  Imagine taking photos of a full harvest moon with absolutely no flash.  Put the camera on the tripod, set the shutter speed as low as it would go, then press the button on the cable release.  Then the next day your at the race track using 1000 speed film and snapping a perfect photo of a car going almost 200 mph.  God I love that camera.  

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Hello All, 

Sorry I've been a stranger lately.  But I never revealed my occupation.  I am an OTR Truck Driver. So sadly I do not get a whole lot of free time.  When I was about alot posting is when I was patiently waiting for my truck to get out the shop.  So I am doing portable gaming now vs Steam Machine.  As far as outside hobbies I like Magic the Gathering...basically Arena now since it is where I "own" the most cards.  And also table top D&D/Pathfinder/Starfinder.  And when there is something good to watch, I still like going to the Movie Theater...waiting on Avatar 2...

Michael Alan Horton
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I might sound like a nerd when i say this, but i really enjoy math xD

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Math is awesome, one of my favorite subjects while in college! From algebra and trig to calculus and differential eqs (including non-linear...and even theoretical applied math), I've studied them all! 

Just like broccoli, math is good for you, for us, for all! LOL

Your biggest fan!
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I loved statistics in college.  Basic statistics, inferential statistics, ANOVA and 2-way ANOVA, then regression analysis.  Not that I needed to, but aced the final in basic stats and missed acing the regression analysis final by 4 pts (196/200).

Statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics.

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Outside of PCs and everything gaming, I really enjoy tending to my plants, going on outdoor activities (like bouldering, hiking, and camping), and learning languages.

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Restoring My classic Jeeps, model making, photography and mountain climbing

Model making? Sweet! Are you building anything right now? (I'm building an F-18, then an A-10 1/48 scale...when done, I'm gonna try building a metal earth P-51 a friend of mine got me for Xmas ( @Key-J )

Your biggest fan!
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I've been meaning to share my hobbies outside of gaming here! A big one for me is legos... I love them, and even have two on my desk at work. 


 I have this one because it reminds me of my dog Opie 🙂 


 I LOVE plants, big plant girlie. This is the bird of paradise lego


Little succulent lego on my desk at home


This one is a little harder to see, and I don't have a better picture. But I have a lego bouquet next to my PC.

This is the one I'm working on right now, a lego Vespa! I'm excited to finish it soon 🙂 

I also do gem art in my free time... which is where you stick gems by number to a really sticky sheet haha. But it makes art in the end so it's cool! I also started a LARGE paint-by-number, but I haven't finished it so I can't really say that's a hobby. But in the end, I like to be creative 😄 

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@Amber_AMD  😮 I can't believe you called them 'legos'  Shame on you! 😄
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👀 What else do people call them!? I am out of the loop hahah

Your friend at AMD | PC specs

The Lego company has a real issue with people calling them 'Legos' I guess LOL. True story.
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How dare you @Amber_AMD ! There is no Legosssss....haven't you watched Lego Mastersssss?

Your biggest fan!
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