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Adept II

CineBench 23 scores Ryzen owners only.


Ryzen owners post your CineBench 23 scores please. 

I want to see what you all got! 

So far this here is what I get.

It shouldn't be too hard to get the benchmark it is right here. 

Let's see what the RED team has out here. 


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interesting, you score a couple thousand points higher than i do with the same CPU, probably thanks to your faster RAM.

edit: you can also see the score for my 5600x in this picture, 9838 points


lets talk about rtbh99
Adept II

I know there are more Ryzen owners out there, Come let's see some posts.

It's not a comp just score posts.

I think my over clock has a lot to do with the score too.

My stock score is the same as yours. 


Cinebench 23.png

Ryzen 7 2700X, MSI MPG X570, GSKIL 16GB 3200, ASUS RX 480, XPG GAMIX S70, SoundBlaster Audigy 5, Sansui AU999 amp, Sansui SP2000 speakers.


Running with PBO set to aggressive and no manual OC. Probably would get well over +11k with Manual OC on multi core.

Lots of trash running in the background, close them! ASUS Armoury Crate steals me about 6% (I did not close it, as it gives me a headache to sync all RGB again)

PS: Second run went over 10k with just monitoring tools and Antivirus disabled. (AC still on....)





The Englishman

I posted the single core earlier didn't realize it was the single core until afterwards.

Here is the multi core results.  I'm not overclocked other than XMP enabled.

Cinebench multi.png

If you have a solid cooler and cold weather, having a look PBO settings might squeeze the old and respectable 2700X a bit more.

But in the end, if everything is exactly as you want, no bother at all. 😉

I'm going to upgrade soon to the 7950X, just need G Skill ram to come back to stock, its been hard to find the Trident Z Neo EXPO kits. 😑

The Englishman

I just received my new Ryzen 5 5600 today and it is up and going in 1 hr. with no issues whatsoever.  Can't believe the difference.  I don't know how much of it is due to the XPG GAMIX speeds near doubled with the upgraded CPU.  The 2700X is not compatible with PCIe 4 x4 NVMe drives.  Nest upgrade will be the RX 480, which does not support Smart Memory Access and it makes a big difference in my Ryzen 9 3900X system.  I can't tell you how pleased I found this topic to be.  I've been using this new CPU for a couple of hours now, and I'm IMPRESSED.

THANKS TO TRICKSON for starting the post and to everyone that replied to it.  You helped me make a tough decision easier and I am very pleased.  Saved my self about $100 with no regrets.

That's my old 2700X score just below this one.

Ryzen 5 5600.png

Adept I

Ran R23 some time ago with my 5600X and 5950X. Posted 5600X stock and with PBO and for 5950X stock, PBO and with a All core oc to 4.65 GHz. Image are in no particular order.


5600X stock C23.jpg5950X CB23 score PBO.jpg5950X CB23 score PBOc.jpgCB23 stock.jpgPBO 5600X.jpg



Ryzen 5 5600 X / MSI MECH2x RX 6750 XT / MSI B550 Gaming Plus / 32 GB DDR4 @3200 MHz

Here's my score. R5 5600, 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws 3200mHz DDR4, MSI B550-A Pro MoBo. PBO & XMP enabled. I haven't bothered to mess with OC on either the CPU or RAM beyond the buttons in BIOS.

Anyone have a Ryzen Master For Dummies they can loan me?My rig is the lighter orangeMy rig is the lighter orange

Performance over Pretty.

I like those scores on that CPU.  I was contemplating an upgrade with a 5700X or a 5800X, but the price difference in the 5600 and these other two is worth taking a serious look at for an old fart like me.


I think I scored around 10K without PBO enabled. The price difference between the X and Non-X back in September made going with the Non-X a no brainer. The power savings on my electricity bill was noticeable too. 8 core models were also pretty scarce locally, and again, price was an issue. So I figured $180CAD for the 5600 was a good buy. I do want a 5800X3D at some point, since this rig will go to my Nephew when I make the jump to AM5.

Performance over Pretty.

I can get a 5600 on NewEgg for $135 now.  I came to the same conclusion as you.  The price difference between the 5600 and the 5600X was definitely a no brainer, as you said.  Also the performance for the difference between the 5600 and the 5700X was not significant for what I need and probably never will need.  After all the 5600 outperforms my 2700X.

As I posted earlier.  I really like the scores you posted on the 5600.  NewEgg has a really attractive price of $135 and everyone else is up around $200.  So I am not letting this price slip away.  Ordered mine today.

Now I can install Ryzen Master and reap the benefits of my Gen 4 m.2.  Here is what I get now;


I'll let you know how things go when I get next week.

Is that SSD benchmarking software free? Where did you get it? I'd like to see how my nvme and SATA drives stack up 🙂


Performance over Pretty.

Yes it was a freebie.  Techspot:,  or  Filehorse:

This is the latest version.

Just wanted to thank Trickson for the topic and you for the post on the 5600.  I was trying to decide which to get the 5600 or the 5700X, close to $100 difference.  I also have a 3900X on an MSI MEG X570 ACE with an RX 5700XT.  Future plans are to move this 5700XT to the 5600 machine and the RX 480 to the 2700 machine and see what is available in the RX 6000 series later this year.  This topic and post was the deciding factor.

Here is the change in the performance of the XPG GAMIX S70 drive.  This is only the C partition.  The other partitions are slightly faster because there is less on them, but not significantly different.

Ryzen 5 5600-GAMIX S70.png


Oops. Doubletap

Performance over Pretty.
Volunteer Moderator



Ryzen 7800X3D - RTX 4090 FE - ROG Strix B650E iGaming - 64gb 6000mhz G-Skill Neo - Arctic Liquid Freezer ii - ROG Loki Platinum 1000w SFXL - 5TB of Crucial P5 Gen. 4 NVMe - NR200P Case - ROG PG48UQ OLED
Volunteer Moderator

I'm going to mess with the CPU curve optimizer. This was just an all-core negative offset of 20. I am sure I could get better results if I started dialling in the offset per core instead.

Ryzen 7800X3D - RTX 4090 FE - ROG Strix B650E iGaming - 64gb 6000mhz G-Skill Neo - Arctic Liquid Freezer ii - ROG Loki Platinum 1000w SFXL - 5TB of Crucial P5 Gen. 4 NVMe - NR200P Case - ROG PG48UQ OLED

Computer number 2.  Don't know why its not showing my scores in orange.  I'll post my laptop scores for the data base soon.

Multi Core.pngsingle core.png

Adept III

The best Cinebemch R20 score is with just the PBO enabled on my 5800X.










CPU:R7 5800X on Noctua U14S Push/Pull Config, MB:Asrock X470 Taichi, RAM: G.SKILL FlareX 32gb(4*8) 3200C16 , SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500gb m.2, Samsung 860 QVO 1TB HDD:WD RED 6TB, GPU: Sapphire RX5500XT PULSE 8gb,  PSU:CORSAIR RM750 (2019), CASE: Lian Li Lancool II Mesh Rgb.