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New Years Resolutions or just trying new things!

Hey Red Team, 

I wanted to do a quick check-in with y'all and see what your new year's resolutions are! If you're not into that, what's something you're trying to do this year?

For me, here's my quick list: 

  • Continue practicing PC building and gain more knowledge! 
  • Read more books. 
  • Keep up with hobbies outside of gaming - Lego, diamond art, and crafts. 
  • Work out more (yes, I know this is something a lot of people say. But I just ordered a peloton rowing machine, so hoping to get back into a consistent groove!) 

What's on your list? 🙂 



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Volunteer Moderator

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this time.  I think I'm done with that.  However, I want to continue with cat rescue activities and maybe sign up for another pet store feeding (or add another shift to the PetCo that I feed cats at on Tuesday mornings).  We have so many social activities that I do my best to keep the scheduled cat rescue feedings to Tuesdays.  Extra shifts happen periodically when someone can't make their scheduled shift.

I do need more exercise too.  More walking is in order once my right foot is feeling better.  Right now I have tendonitis in the arch area where the tendon from the heal attaches to the middle section on the outside.  I know, TMI.......

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Ohhhh!  tendonitis.  I feel for you.  Same thing just in my left shoulder.  

Awe, that is so sweet! I love that you're involved with cat rescues. Do you ever foster at all? 

I'm sorry to hear about the tendonitis... that sounds uncomfy!! 

Volunteer Moderator

Put myself further into a position where I can retire early and move to a beach in Costa Rica. Trying to reach that goal in 2 years. Also to keep building PCs and teaching people how to build PCs.

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Have to build a new sewing platform for my wife's new Embroidery machine.  That will most likely be a 1 to 2 month project.  Sitting down and try to design what she wants is something I'm not looking forward to though.😂

Perhaps I'll post a photo when it's done.

Volunteer Moderator

Give it a futuristic look and include the saying, 'a stitch in time....'  Come to think of it, she probably wouldn't like that.  Maybe add some RGB to a standard design?

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Well one thing I know for sure is it will be solid black walnut.  I cut the log up almost 3 years ago, prior to her getting this machine and she won't let me use that lumber for anything else.

I like the "stitch in time" though.  This machine is a Brother Luminaire  2 and she just added a $1500 upgrade for it.  As long as she knows what it does , because I sure don't.  This machine was $14,000 almost 2 years ago.  If you wish you can check it out here:

I did not know they made sewing machines with entire screens on them, that's crazy!! 

But also, so sweet you're going to make a new platform. You'll have to show us when you're done with it! 🙂 


Can't wait to see what some of that Diamond Art looks like @Amber_AMD !

This year I have no resolutions. I am looking to keep playing Tennis, and I would love to increase my in-person social Circle, but other than that nothing major for 2023 😞


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You forgot "Local Pickleball Champion" 😄

Adept III

My resolution is to finally take a vacation. I've only taken one and that was back in 2005. Also want to actually play more games rather than just buy them.

I really need to plan a vacation too.. anytime I travel it's to visit family as my partner and I have people all over the place. Need to book something for fun!! 

Lol @ buying games and not playing them. My Nintendo switch feels attacked 🤣


Unfortunately my TO-DO list is now the NEW YEAR Resolution.

- HVAC Maintenance
- Disassemble the shower cabin (almost!)
- Wash, Vacuum and Clean both cars before the yearly maintenance (not in the mood....)
- Disassemble the crib
- Finish editing the next video (super late on this)
- New computer Build (Now this is something that I really want, almost there!)
- Sort out and clean the old baby toys for charity
- Clean the garage (That sounds fun!)

The Englishman

Sounds like your so far behind that you think your ahead. lol

too far behind... or late.

2 weeks !! Jeeez..


Better start cleaning the cars..

The Englishman

Hey at least you got a whole year to get these done! 

My brain is evil and I would try to get all this done in a couple weeks LOL

Adept III

My main resolution for every year is to get more sleep. Amber, I like your list! I need to work on the last one... working out more. I have a rowing machine that's been collecting dust since last year 🙂

Ugh I like the more sleep resolution! I'm a night owl and fight the sleeps just to get more time out of my day. 

And we can be rowing machine accountability buddies!! Did you like it when you were regularly using it? 


I was planning a 7900xtx but to what I understand you guys made it harder to push these cards. So now I am waiting to see as on the 69xx it was so fun to put 3090 owners in hiding. So when this happens to come out I will decide or not on upgrades. 

Adept I


Keeping it real simple this year.

I want to release a small game on Itch.

Health goal is to finish the year without gaining weight 🙂 


😮 releasing a small game is a huge goal! Be sure to share it in the community if you do, so we can hop in and support it 🙂 

Only if it works and runs without BSOD, etc.😂

Community Manager

1. Eat better
2. Hit the gym!
3. Spend more time on hobbies (Drawing/Printmaking/Biking)


  • Continue building my saving account and purchase a home in the next year, year and a half
  • Get back to taking vacations. Haven't really been anywhere since Covid-Era came 
  • Eat a lot cleaner
  • Get AMD to send me a 7900 XTX because they love me, lol
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