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Journeyman III

Static/ticking noise coming from GPU or motherboard after installing 5700 XT drivers

I'm almost positive this noise is the result of the GPU driver. Uninstalling the driver caused the sound to disappear and nearly immediately after reinstalling the sound returned. The static sound is most noticeable while opening a process or performing tasks, especially when I move my mouse or use my scroll wheel. Even when mostly idle the sound persists as a sort of ticking noise. Kinda sounds like an old mechanical hard drive almost  (maybe not as intense), except of course my system has no moving parts other than fans and this doesn't sound like it's coming from the fans. Haven't had any stability issues or crashes yet, but the sound can get annoying after awhile.


Ryzen 3700x

Gigabyte 5700 XT Gaming OC

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Someone has the same exact problem with his RX5700xt :

Have you tried and open and remove the computer case side panel to see if there are any obstructions hitting the GPU fan blades like a wire or connector?

With the side panel open, visually and physically try and see and hear exactly where the noise is coming from.

Is the GPU card installed correctly and all the way down on the motherboard and properly secured to the computer case?

All these suggestions is just to try and eliminate anything physical reasons causing the noises.

Is the GPU Fan (s) running or stopped when the noise starts?  With power turned off, physically rotate the GPU fans and see if you feel or hear anything strange. It should rotate without any noise or resistance.


I don't know if these newer RX5700 GPU cards have something similar to Zero RPM feature where the GPU fans only turn on when the GPU card reaches a certain temperature.


Yeah, the GPU fans only turn on above a certain temperature. I've reseated the GPU and checked for obstructions so I'm pretty sure there's nothing physical causing this. Like I said, it only happened after I reinstalled the display driver. Also doesn't happen in the BIOS, so I'm fairly confident that it's a software issue, possibly related to voltage (it 'sounds' like a voltage issue, if that makes sense).


I googled what you mention the noise sounded like "Ticking" noise. According to Tech website thread, which in this case, concerned a PSU believes it may be a bad Fan bearing or possibly Coil Whine: 

In this Reddit Thread about a GPU making "Clicking" sounds is also either Coil Whine or bad Fan: GPU making a clicking noise after overclocking even when set back to default clock settings. : overc... 

If it was due to AMD Driver I would believe it would have been happening to many Users who has an RX5700 GPU card and there would be more threads concerning this problem, at least, here at AMD Forums.

I would suggest to open an AMD WARRANTY REQUEST and see if they believe the noisy GPU needs to be RMAed.

You can open a AMD WARRANTY REQUEST from here and ask them: .

Most likely AMD will say to go to your GPU card manufacturer or the Retailer where you purchased the GPU card for Warranty service but maybe they can verify whether the GPU card noise is software or hardware related from the symptoms you inputted in the Warranty request.

You can also open a AMD SERVICE REQUEST (AMD SUPPORT) and ask them if the noise if normal or could be caused by the AMD Driver from here: 

Otherwise, I am out of suggestions.

Good Luck.

Journeyman III

I am having the same problem, a clicking/ticking noise when moving the mouse, it is also fairly constant when using any programs or games.


Same here uninstalling Drivers makes noise to disappear.. installing its coming back


Have a very similar issue the noise is more like a static buzzing, checked the card is plugged in properly, fans in zero rpm mode. Comes and goes and definitely stops after uninstalling the Radeon Software/drivers

Journeyman III

Same here. Bought the card two month ago and just thought it would go away after some time (also hadn‘t much time to investigate). Now I‘m here looking for some support. 

Adept I

Bingo! I have the exact same problem. I thought first it came from PSU but later on understood it was from the GPU. Electric buzz whenever moving the mouse and scrolling pages. Get worse when there is more white in the display. Glad I found this thread because I have googled around a lot but found nothing. I have rebuild my GPU with an AIO and noctua fan so it is NOT the fan. I have not reinstalled the drivers but it makes me very happy if this can be solved with software because it is driving me nuts. My system is dead silence otherwise so the noise is very disturbing.

edit; I have my card on a riser cable and are forced to run the card in gen 3 because of this. Thought that was worth mentioning.

Edit; Installed the new adrenaline drivers 20.31 and the sound went away completely  Problem solved i guess.

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Gigabyte 5700 XT Gaming OC

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Hi I know this is an old post but I’m having the same electrical buzz sound I believe. It happens when the fans aren’t spinning but there is no correlation between the noise and the movement of mouse or anything like that. It started around the same time I update the new AMD drivers 21.2.1 I’ve taken my PC to a specialist and he said there was nothing wrong the hardware could it be to do with the same issue or not? Barring in mind he did not check the GPU fully he just ran test.


Hi, I know this is an old comment but I'm wondering if you're experiencing this issue with the latest drivers? My new RX 6800 on the latest 21.2.2 and 21.2.1 drivers experiences something exactly like what you've described. A ticking sound at idle/low loads that is exacerbated by white screens. It's very odd.