5700 XT Buzzing noise when browsing and scrolling

Discussion created by cuzimbrownie on Sep 12, 2019
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I got my new Rx 5700 xt and i noticed that when I just drag an open window around the screen, the GPU gives of a weird buzzing or clickinig. Or if there is light usage like Youtube and Netflix where somthing moves on screen. When I play games I couldn't make out any weird noice. My GPU has a Zero-RPM-mode so I figured that it couldn't be coile whine. Bc i could hear it it even when the fans don't spin.

Any ideas?


Second in Overwatch my GPU would refuse to exceed a GPU usage above 60%. I turned Vsync off and capped the frames to 300 fps. I reached about 150-200 fps while the GPU sits at around 55% and my CPU around 30-40%. 

In Star Wars Battlefront 2 the GPU and CPU would easily reach over 90% usage.



Ryzen 5 2600 @4 Ghz

16 Gb 3000 Mhz Ram

Rx 5700 xt