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No OpenCL / hardware acceleration in Affinity Photo for over a year now

Why? When? **bleep**?

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First need to post your Computer hardware.

Make & Model of GPU card, CPU/APU, Motherboard, Windows or MacOS version, AMD driver installed, etc.

First thing I would do is run GPU-Z and see if OpenCL is enabled by the AMD Driver for your GPU card. At the bottom of GPU-Z are several APIs including OpenCL boxes.  

The OpenCL, OpenGL, and Vulkan API should be check marked and enabled. If they are not then your AMD driver isn't installed correctly or is corrupted.

Here is Affinity Help concerning OpenCL :

Screenshot 2022-05-20 114321.png

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What are your computer specs? Is this a laptop? Intel processor?

There are many posts (searching Google) that point to specific AMD graphics cards and Affinity Photo. Here is one that explains it better:


Possible work around:

OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack




Great find. Now we just need to wait and see which type of AMD GPU card the OP has.

Sorry, I should have been more precisive. And I should have pointing out that I want to adress AMD support, not the community.

So please no "tell me your hardware" etc. I'm just interested in: When get's AMD this **** DONE, FINALLY!!!

Every newer Radeon has NO OpenCL hardware acceleration in Affinitiy Photo! And it is clear, that it is a AMD driver bug.

I had a 6800 and now the 6600XT.  I'm waiting for over a year now, together with MANY others...

And thanks for the Microsoft hint, but that's software emulation, I think.


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Report your issue to AMD support...(you still have to describe your system).



Never seen that AMD Support page before. I bookmarked it for future use with 3rd party software.


Sounds more like a Affinity Photo issue rather than a AMD Driver issue.  Affinity Photo developers are the ones that need to make their software compatible with AMD GPU cards and their drivers.

If this issue affects more than just Affinity Photo then AMD should find a fix since it is widespread and not specific to one 3rd party program.

I would be ranting at Affinity Photo Support and not AMD Support.

... the ball is lying on AMDs ground...

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Now July 2022 !!

I have an RX 6600 and like all other users of "modern" AMD graphics cards - if I click on "use OpenCL" in the performance tab the Photo Affinity software says the graphics acceleration is not available as there is an error in the AMD driver.

AMD seem to suggest that the problem is with Affinity Photo. Either way the users (i.e. those who have spent MONEY on Photo Affinity and their AMD graphics card) have been stuck for over a year (18months) without hardware acceleration. This works on my Nvidia graphics card on my other PC so somebody in AMD and / or Affinity has got something wrong!

We have tried "ranting" at Affinity Photo and AMD but as mere mortals don't know who can put this right!!