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Journeyman III

XFX rx 6700 xt Drivers not working

I bought a XFX Rx 6700 XT GPU last week and have been having problems where every time i switch on my pc the drivers won't detect and my pc will only boot with onboard GPU, Before this happend the PC was working fine for about 2 days but then it crashed while gaming and AMD adrenalin software had a pop-up saying the the driver was not detectet. I have installed a fresh windows 11 and AMD driver to my pc hoping this will fix my problem but still having the same problems where the PC will crash and black screen both my monitors ( monitor 1 is a dell 60hz 1080p and monitor 2 is a xceed 144hz 1080p) monitor 1 runs of my 5600G cpu(HDMI) and monitor 2 runs of the RX 6700 xt (Display port) at the moment i have a fresh windows 11 install with the drivers only option from amd adrenalin installer and  still the PC boots up from the onboard GPU and i get a Error image from my device manager next to the RX 6700 xt(Driver not detected).

Is there a fix know at the moment or is this a new problem with the drivers?

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