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Adept I

SteamDeck's Aerith Windows Driver does not have AMD VCE enabled - PLS FIX

I have installed windows on my SteamDeck and I love playing games on this amd machine. The only thing missing from windows right now is not having enabled Hardware Video Encoding and Decoding. DXVA is nowhere to be found and this is a problem:

1) you cannot stream games from your pc. Moonlight and Steam Remote Play does not work correctly. Video Lags and stutters with a significant cpu usage (due to software decoding)

2) you cannot enjoy services like Netflix, Disney+ , GeforceNow. Everything rely on hardware video decoding.

We know that this APU is capable because in linux (steamOs) it just works.

Can we persuade AMD to fix this device's drivers? is there a way?

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Yeah. The whole driver feels like a cobbeled together botch job TBH.

I would not hold out for a Solution.

AMD does not care. Valve does not care. I have been on their Asses about this for almost half a year now. Still nothing

Adept I

AMD support just sent me an email:

Thank you for your email.
You can install drivers from here.
Steam Support :: Steam Deck - Windows Resources (
Please note it only supports Windows 10 & 11 OS
If any issue, it must be reported through the system manufacturer i.e. steam support.
Thanks for contacting AMD.

AMD sends us to Valve.. but valve are not driver delelopers..

Adept I

still nowhere a fix. Please AMD .. release a new driver with VCE enabled.