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Journeyman III

Windows bug or Adrenaline fail?

Hey all!

I recently built a sweet Ryzen 5 3600 based gaming rig for a buddy of mine; 16GB G.Skill Neo 3600mhz, 500GB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe, XFX RX 5700 Ultra, MSI x570 Gaming Plus, Corsair 650, etc.

Put it all together, installed Windows 10 1909, installed Adrenaline 19.12.3, installed Star Wars Fallen Order, ran it, was great! 144fps, no problem.

Note: Latest BIOS installed, latest AMD Chipset driver installed, etc.

Few days later he calls me and is complaining about stuttering and lag, and low fps. To which I’m thoroughly confused. Checked it out remotely saw some new things installed like iCue which I recommended to uninstall, checked settings on the games, and Radeon settings. Nothing obvious.

Ended up going over today and figuring out when he restarts, something bjorks the video driver so badly that it cant manage over 30fps on any game. Used DDU to cleanly uninstall AMD GPU, restarted, installed Adrenaline 19.12.2, no issues. Restarted to check and back to super bad stuttering and low fps.

So I repeated the process DDU, restart, install 19.12.2; at this moment I’ve advised him not to shut the computer off or we’ll have to reinstall GPU drivers again.

I was going to reinstall Windows 10 but I wanted to ask you kind netizens if you’ve ever heard anything like this.

WINVER: Win10Enterprise 18363.535

Power Schemes Balanced, High Performance, AMD Ryzen Balanced, AMD Ryzen High Performance, Power Saver, Ultimate Performance. (noticed he changed the power settings from some Youtube Tutorial via RegEdit, so thinking it might be related as it reverts from AMD Ryzen balanced to Ultimate Performance upon restart.


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Just taking a stab at this one. If the PC is a new build, it is likely all the apps have not yet been installed, and the data files to be copied from the legacy PC are still available. What I would do if this were me, is to use the Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery option. It will be yours and their decision on whether to use the Keep my files option, or Delete everything option. The important thing is I believe this will revert the registry and OS to a sane and stable state, and go forward from there.

I would also encourage your friend from toying with the registry unless they are a power user and have truly specific reasons to change registry settings. There are instances when registry adjustments are necessary. But finding tweaks suggested on Internet that can speed up things are just as likely to put a spanner in the works.