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Adept III

Why is the shipping cost on me?

Ok so I've been having issues since I bought my 7900 XTX a month ago. I decided to start the RMA process about a week or so ago. Finally after back and forth I was told there is no replacement for me and I will be sent instructions for the return. Ok fair enough I guess but I've now wasted a month of my time it'll be about a week on top of when they receive the card before the money is credited back to me. During this time I guess screw me I can spend more money and buy something else to have a working system because money and resources are infinite I guess. Cards just about everywhere of this tier are hard to find but hey it is what it is. What really just burns me is that I don't see a shipping label or any mention of reimbursement for the shipping. So what I have to cover that? AMD sent me a defective product. Didn't replace it and now I'm to be out of pocket the cost of shipping because they can't provide me with a working product? How do these companies justify this crap. I'm considering rolling the dice and just attempting a chargeback on this whole thing.

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I can't talk for AMD but if you look at the RX7900XT Warranty to RMA the GPU card it does mention return shipping costs is not included:

Screenshot 2023-01-13 143510.png

Some Users have mentioned that they have received a Pre-Paid Return label when RMAing a AMD Hardware.

Maybe because your GPU was one of the defective RX7900XTX, AMD might forego you paying for shipping cost to return the GPU card. just guessing though.


Oh don't get me wrong I understand they include fine print that makes it totally legal to do so. I'm just saying it's anti consumer and complete bs.


Hey I understand your view.

I have a 4k 28" Monitor where the screen is very slowly going bad. So when I looked into LG Warranty I found out I needed to ship it from Florida to a LG Warranty Repair facilities in Texas with me paying the shipping costs.

The shipping cost would be around 35%-45% of the original price of the Monitor which was over $400.00. I figured I could use that money as partial payment on a purchase a new monitor with the money I would save in shipping costs.


It's not their fault you didn't read it. You should always read the warranty so that you know what to expect.


Um sure. Here's the thing though is it really a warranty issue if it's defective out of the box? If it broke down after a year of use I get it in fact that happened with an older card of mine and I didn't complain when I had to send it in it was 18 months after I bought it. This arrived as a broken part. So yeah you fanboy as hard as you want this is still a basic expectation that when you buy something it's basic expectation that you don't get something broken or if you do you are not out money.


Warranty covers any defects in the GPU so if you received a DOA GPU that would be covered since it was defective from the factory.

AMD doesn't know if a hardware is going to be DOA or not until the Customer opens a Warranty ticket. That why AMD has a Warranty in place for such situations.

Warranties are for the protection and an incentive for the User to purchase a company's product against a defective product after being purchased.

NOTE: Personally I realize that most Users don't read the full Warranty policy on their product until they have to RMA the product including myself. The only thing I look for is how long the Warranty is for. Afterwards I start asking about the RMA process and whether I have to spend any out-of-pocket money to get it repaired or replaced or a refund.

I mean you would almost need to be a lawyer to understand some of the legalize wordings in Warranties to fully understand it.