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Adept I

Why is my 5700xt constantly crashing?

Hi, I have a 5700xt that crashes all the time when running high demand games such as cyberpunk or balders gate III. 

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I'm finding it hard to believe it's the fault of the games, as these have been updated A LOT, so I've been 'trying things' for a few days to see if I can find a solution. 

The card crashes almost immediately when running these software at stock clocks, and when undervolted and underclocked, the games will run for a fair bit longer before crashing. When the card is underclocked and undervolted, the green screen crashes no longer happen, but I'm still plagued with in-game screen freezes with only one setting that I tried, crashing to a working Windows 11 desktop. That setting, I don't remember unfortunately. 


Temperatures seem to be not going higher than 50 or so degrees, so I don't imagine it's the temperature that's the problem.

I've most recently tried DDU in safe mode, and installing the latest adrenalin - driver only, which still freezes with an in-game screen when things get demanding in the games; so I've tried undervolting, and underclocking in MSI afterburner, which I read is successful for some people as a fix, but unsuccessful for others - Still the same problem.

Can anyone tell me what is most likely the problem here? I'm baffled, and there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about these problems. 

Could it be because of the 'no support for mesh shaders' that this is happening or something similar? It seems that when I put games on low-quality settings, I get increased reliability. 

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Adept I

In case it's relevant info, I'll post my specs:

ROG strix z490-h

Corsair RM850x - with two different power cables providing power to the card

Intel Core i9-10850K

16gb Corsair RGB RT