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Graphics Cards

Adept I

Why is my 4GB graphics card only using 512MB?

I have a laptop with a 4GB R7 M440 that I use for casual gaming but when I look in task manager it shows that it is only using 512MB and even when that 512MB is maxed out it does not use the rest of the available VRAM. Why is it doing this and how can I fix it? I have a picture of task manager with a game running in the background.Task Manager.jpg

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Adept II

Shared memory is just the amount of extra memory the graphics card is aloud to use if it surpasses the amount of dedicated memory(whats on the card), it can come from ur R.A.M or your HDD/SDD depending on how much youve allocated ur page file.
Dedicated memiry in your gpu is a real ram of your card and when in game you have to low memory then te gpu can take memory from hdd or ram memory system but this memory is very slow 
Just read in google dedicated vs shared memory

You might want to bump up the main memory in your rig so that windows has some room to breath